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September 17: Katie Ford, Creative Writers Reading Series

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Poet Katie FordKatie Ford’s approach to poetry may seem unconventional, but it’s deliberate as well.

“I am not a fast writer,” the author of “Colosseum” and “Blood Lyrics” said in a 2008 interview. “Poems, to me, are events, occurrences, not exercises or tasks. Many things — not stars, not fates, not the gods — have to come into alignment for a poem to occur.”

Professor Writes Guide to Life in the Information Age

To guide readers through his new book, “No Bull Information: A Humorous, Practical Guide to Help Americans Adapt to the Information Age,” John Gamble invented a character named Arnbi, a cartoon Aristotle who points to the truth of a given situation. When the “bull” in the book’s title gets deep – when the talk turns to politics, for example – the figure is drawn holding a shovel.

Young Choristers Learn Musical Skills at YPC Erie’s Summer Choir Camp

Darius Goodwin was one of the attendees at the Young People's Chorus of Erie's annual Summer Choir Camp.Darius Goodwin smiled while slowly beating the drums. He was practicing some of the skills he had just learned during the Young People’s Chorus of Erie’s annual Summer Choir Camp.

The sixth-grade student from Woodrow Wilson Middle School was initially unsure about coming to camp, but his excitement indicated that any uneasiness had quickly disappeared.

Eight Faculty Members Earn Promotions and Tenure

Eight members of the faculty at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, have been promoted and granted tenure:


Students Create Video Games at College for Kids

Ethan McCarthy’s fingers rattled up and down the keyboard as his eyes fixated on the computer monitor. He was trying to move a small, square-shaped character from one platform to another without it falling into a pit of nothingness.