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November 9: 'The Good Food Revolution' with Will Allen

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For years, Will Allen was successful playing professional basketball and working in corporate sales.

In 1993, however, he went back to his roots – literally and figuratively.

Alumnus Picked for MIT Top Innovators List

The 43 muscles in your face can form 10,000 unique expressions. Ehsan Hoque, a 2004 graduate of Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, programmed a computer to interpret all of them – and then teach you to do better.

College Co-Hosts Major 'Frontiers in Education' Conference

Penn State Behrend has partnered with Gannon University to co-host the 46th annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference at Erie’s Bayfront Convention Center. The four-day event, which began Oct. 12, is the leading international forum for presentation of ideas and developments in engineering disciplines. Engineers and educators from 25 countries are participating.

New WQLN Series Highlights Knowledge Park Partnerships

When WQLN Public Media developed a new television series highlighting innovators, entrepreneurs and high-tech collaborations in Erie County, producers knew where to look first: The series, “Reach Innovation,” launched with a 30-minute program that focuses on Knowledge Park, a 125-acre technology complex operated by Penn State Behrend.

Former Congressman Discusses Lack of Civility in Presidential Politics

Even now, five years out of office, former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis hears the complaints.

All the good jobs are gone. Health-care costs are too high, and it’s Obama’s fault, or the insurers’, or maybe it’s the CEO, with a gold-plated pull-toggle on his retirement parachute. What does he care about us?

Former Athletes Earn Places in Penn State Behrend Athletics Hall of Fame

Seven former student-athletes have earned places in Penn State Behrend’s Athletics Hall of Fame. They were honored at a Sept. 27 banquet in McGarvey Commons.

The honorees include:

New DIGIT Major Teaches Secret to A Perfect Selfie

The secret to a perfect selfie? Add some math.

The best portraits incorporate something called a Fibonacci Spiral. It spreads like a Nautilus shell, touching each side of a rectangle that is 1.618 times deeper than it is wide. On the Mona Lisa, for example, the spiral begins at her wrist, at the bottom of the image, and then extends over her shoulder, into the background, before crossing the top of her head. Then it tightens, touching her chin, her dimple, and the tip of her nose. That centers the image in a way that makes the eyes seem to follow you.

Jefferson Lecture Series Features Chancellor Ralph Ford

If you own a smartphone, you’ve likely contributed to what business experts call an “innovation ecosystem,” a network of companies that work together – and, at times, with competitors – to develop new products, markets and technologies.

It’s called the app store.

College Adds NCAA Wrestling and Women's Bowling Teams

Increased enrollment at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, will soon bring two new additions to the college’s athletics offerings: a wrestling team and a women’s bowling team.