Community & Workforce Programs

September 11-October 16: Capital Campaign Coaching

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Community & Workforce Programs

Capital Campaign Coaching will be held this September and October at Penn State Behrend.A certificate program designed for non-profit leaders who hope to launch a capital campaign within the next five years will be offered this fall at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. The six-week non-credit program begins Sept. 11.

September 11-October 16: Capital Campaign Coaching course

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Community & Workforce Programs

Capital Campaign Coaching

A six-week continuing education course at Penn State Behrend held in conjunction with the Association of Fundraising Professionals


This hands-on course is led by some of the region’s premier fundraising professionals, who have led numerous capital campaigns.

In just SIX WEEKS, you will be ready to develop your very own capital campaign plan for your organization!

July 23 & 24: Pioneer Reunion for 1948-63 Alumni

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Women in Glenhill Farmhouse dormitory roomThe first students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, are invited to return for a special two-day reunion in July.

March 24: Plastics Alumni Reception in Orlando

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Join Hall of Famer John Beaumont, Jon Meckley, Ralph Ford, Lucy Lenhardt, Brad Johnson, Gary Smith, Jason Williams, and Brian Young as we travel to Orlando for the NPE tradeshow.

In addition to being at the tradeshow, the Plastics Alumni Association and the Behrend alumni office will be hosting a reception for Behrend plastics engineering alumni Tuesday, March 24.

March 23-27: Office of Community and Workforce Programs to exhibit at NPE2015

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School of Engineering
Community & Workforce Programs


In collaboration with the School of Engineering, the Penn State Behrend Office of Community and Workforce Programs will exhibit at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase​ to be held March 23-27 in Orlando, Florida.

Thermoplastic Materials and Testing - August 2017

1. Plastics Phenomena - what makes plastics different from other materials

  • Viscoelasticity
  • Entanglement
  • Orientation
  • Crystallinity

2. Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile
  • Flexural
  • Impact

3. Physical Testing

  • Hardness
  • Specific Gravity

4. Rheological Testing

Process Validation for Medical Injection Molding - June 2017

This workshop is geared toward molding professionals including engineers, technicians, managers, and quality engineers manufacturing plastic components for use in medical applications or an FDA regulated environment.  This class will provide 2 days of classroom and hands-on applications of process development, quality assurance, and process validation techniques and principles.

Polymer Science and Material Selection Fundamentals - May 2017

Polymer Basics

  • Homopolymers, copolymers
  • Morphology – amorphous, semi-crystalline
  • Molecular weight
  • Viscosity
  • Viscoelasticity behavior


Structure Property Relationships:  what and why

Medical Product Development - May 2015

This seminar has been developed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the plastic medical device development process. It will teach students how products proceed from basic idea through production in the context of a regulated industry. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the regulatory environment and the overall integrated new product development process. This will be taught with a combination of lectures and group activities.