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Key Request Guide

If you need to request keys and/or clearance to facilities, you must submit a Key/Clearance Issuance Form to the department Access Coordinator and subsequently to the Access Controller (Police Services); otherwise, the keys cannot be issued.  The request forms may be delivered via campus mail (sent to the attention of "Keys") or in person.  The request form is intended for one person for up to 5 key and/or clearance requests.  If you need to request more, please submit another form.

The Key/Clearance Issuance Form must be completed with the following information:

Requestee Information

  • Person requesting key
  • PSU ID Number
  • Phone Number and Email
  • Department
  • Purpose for the request

Key/Clearance Information

  • Building or Facility
  • Room Number
  • Key Serial Number (if known)
  • Clearance Code (if known)


Master Keys

If you meet the criteria to obtain a master key, submit a Key/Clearance Issuance Form with this request.  All approval signatures must be obtained prior to the request.

If you are requesting a key to an administrative area in which you are not employed or affiliated with, you must also receive the signature of that area's budget administrator or designee.

Please allow 3 to 5 days from the date of your request to receive the keys.  In most cases, keys have to be ordered and cut before they are issued.  The requestor must appear personally, present University identification, and sign for their own keys.  No University keys will be sent via campus mail.


Key Holder Responsibilities and Information

If a key or access/ID card is lost, it must be reported to Police Services immediately.  A key replacement fee may be charged for lost University keys.  In addition, actual re-coring costs may be charged for the lost keys. University ID Cards must be reported in accordance with University Policy AD24.

Upon termination of employment and/or student status, all keys and access devices obtained from Police Services must be returned to Police Services.


Key Transfers

Each key issued is individually numbered with a sequence and each key is specific to one individual.  A key cannot be transferred from one individual to another.  The transfer of keys must be done at the Police Services office with both persons present (the original key holder and the new key holder).  In addition, a Key/Clearance Issuance Form must be approved by your budget administrator, designee, or supervisor.

All keys and access devices referred to by University Policy SY19 are the property of The Pennsylvania State University and are not to be duplicated by any faculty, staff or student.  Keys and access devices are not permitted to be loaned or given to any person other than who they are issued to.  Duplication of a key or the possession of a duplicate key may result in referral to the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Human Resources for appropriate sanctions.

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