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Right to Know

The Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act created a system to communicate information about hazardous materials which are used, produced or stored at work sites within Pennsylvania.  Copies of the The Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act are posted to bulletin boards in every building on campus.

All new employees are given the opportunity to view a training presentation about this act.  If you would like to view the training presentation and download a copy of the training booklet, please complete and return the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act Training Notification Form to Police Services.


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Registration Instructions to View the Presentation

  1. Go to Penn State's Environmental Health and Safety Training web site.
  2. Select the EHS On-line Course Registration link.
  3. Login with your PSU Access credentials.
  4. Select View Courses.  (You can view the list of available courses without logging in; however, to ensure that you receive credit for viewing the course, you must first login.)
  5. From the menu, select Right-To-Know.
  6. A box opens under this link.  Select Right-to-Know (Chemical Hazard Awareness) – Non-University Park Only.
  7. Follow the instructions.
  8. Be sure to click the Completed link when you have finished viewing the presentation and materials.  You will be prompted to complete a form and will be given credit for the course upon form submission.
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