Billing and Payment

The Health and Wellness Center charges students a discounted rate for medical care and ancillary (support) services. The discounted rate is relatively low compared to private medical services.

Costs of Visits and Services

The actual cost of your visit will be determined by your clinician's or nurse's actual assessment and treatment. Some services are offered for free, such as HIV testing and counseling and GC/Chlamydia testing. Please contact the Health and Wellness Center to find out the the cost of a particular service.

Fees and Payment Methods

All charges are your responsibility. You must pay at the time of service by either having the charge billed to your Penn State student account or by paying with LionCash+, cash, or check.

There is a “no show/no call” fee of $20 if initial appointments and women’s annual examinations are not cancelled 24 hours in advance. Fees for "no show/no call" are applied to your student account.

Billing and Payment Process

Patients who pay with LionCash+, cash, or check may pay immediately at the end of the visit.

If you decide to have the charges posted to your student account, you can view your statement on e-Lion. This statement includes the date the bill was posted to your account, the words "Health Center," and the amount of the charge. Charges posted to the student account must be paid at the Penn State Behrend Bursar's Office (Metzger Center, 4851 College Drive, Erie, PA 16563; phone: 814-898-6224).

Patients who do not want their charges to be placed on their student account must make payment before leaving. Other payment options include:

  • LionCash+, cash, or check on the day of service
  • you are filing a workers compensation claim
  • payment made by a university department

The staff assistants at the reception desk can answer any questions you may have regarding billing and payment.

Health Insurance

The Health and Wellness Center does not have contracts for direct payment with any health insurance companies for clinical or ancillary services and it does not direct bill insurance companies.

We regret any inconvenience this policy may cause for students and parents. However, because the Health and Wellness Center treats students from all over the United States and the world, there would need to be contracts with hundreds of insurance companies. The costs of dealing with so many insurance providers and processing many insurance claims would drive up the current discounted rate for our health care services.

Therefore, you are responsible for paying all bills you incur for clinic visits, lab, and medications. However, you can submit the receipt for these services to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You should find out in advance if your insurance will cover all or part of your care at the Health and Wellness Center, as there may be restrictions on primary care outside of the insurance company's network.

Health insurance is strongly recommended for all students.

Penn State Student Health Insurance

Each year Penn State selects a student insurance plan and makes it available to students who either have no insurance coverage or who need supplemental insurance because their current plan does not provide adequate coverage while they are at Penn State.

Penn State requires that international students, their accompanying spouses and/or children to demonstrate that they have health insurance coverage.

For more information about student health insurance or insurance coverage for international students, visit the Student Health Insurance web site. 

How to File a Claim with Your Insurance Company

If your health insurance company provides coverage for care provided at the Health and Wellness Center, it is your responsibility to know the limitations and requirements of your plan prior to receiving services at the center. In many cases, your insurance plan may require pre-authorization and possibly an out-of-network referral in order for the service to be covered. If you are unsure of your coverage, please contact the customer service department of your insurance plan. Most companies list their phone number on the back of the insurance card.

Regardless of the payment option you choose (LionCash+, cash, check, or charging to your student account), the process for insurance reimbursement is the same.

Check with your insurance company on how to submit a claim form since companies have different requirements. Typically, you must complete the insurance company’s claim form and include a copy of the billing invoice. Please arrange for the insurance company to reimburse you or the subscriber directly because the Bursars’s Office will not accept checks from insurance companies. The Health and Wellness Center cannot accept the responsibility for submitting or collecting your insurance claim or for negotiating a settlement on a disputed claim.


Your Health and Wellness bill contains some summary medical information pertaining to your visit. The bill is therefore a confidential document that will only be shared with the parties you have authorized the Health and Wellness Center to release the information to.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our fees or billing policies, please contact the Health and Wellness Center during regularly scheduled hours.