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Become a FIG Mentor


FIG peer mentors play a vital role in the coordination of the FIG program. Mentors serve as resource persons to freshman on both academic and personal adjustment issues. Specific responsibilities of the peer mentors include:

  • Attend most meetings of the freshman seminar for each FIG as discussed in training and in conjunction with your faculty member. This provides regular contact with students and offers great opportunities for out of class interactions.
  • Mentors should maintain regular contact with FIG students throughout the fall semester via email, phone calls, texting, ANGEL, Facebook, etc. A good rule of thumb is for each mentor to contact the students in his/her FIG at least once every week.
  • Mentors are asked to coordinate a number of programs during the fall semester that meet the needs of the students in their FIG. Possible topics include study skills, time management, stress management, utilizing the Learning Resource Center for tutoring, career opportunities, healthy living, etc. Mentors should assess their group’s needs through their personal contact with members, discussions with other FIG mentors, and where appropriate, contact with the instructor of the freshman seminar and linked course(s).  Specific expectations will be addressed at the FIG mentor training in August. Documentation of program completion is required prior to receiving stipend.
  • Mentors are required to coordinate a program on advanced registration, preferably with the assistance of an academic advisor. Topics could include course selection, use of ELION, etc.
  • Mentors should serve as a resource person to students and help to solve problems/provide information in a timely manner.  However, mentors should feel free to refer students to the Personal Counseling staff should a student display serious or otherwise concerning behavior.
  • Mentors must report to the Program Coordinator the activities they are coordinating and the money they are spending. This will be done through regularly scheduled mandatory meetings.  Mentors are also required to obtain monthly documentation that they attended the seminars, and completed required programs prior to receiving stipend.
  • Mentors will be expected to participate in training opportunities in August.
  • Mentors are required to participate in monthly mentor meetings throughout the fall semester.  These meetings are to discuss business and paperwork as well as to receive additional training.
  • Mentors will also be asked to participate in an evaluation of the FIG program and are encouraged to offer suggestions for the next year.

FIG Mentors with multiple groups (i.e. School of Business, School of Engineering, Division of Undergraduate Studies, and Engineering Technology) are encouraged to work together to coordinate activities among several FIGs and will be working together on the FIG ANGEL site.

Each mentor receives a $500 stipend and $100 in programming money. It is expected that the mentors spend all of their programming money.

To get an application to become a FIG Mentor, click here

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