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Freshman Interest Groups (FIG)



Freshman year is a major learning experience, academically, personally and socially. To help with the transition, Penn State Behrend offers Freshman Interest Groups--or FIGs.

What are FIGs?

FIGs allow you to get the most out of your college experience by helping you to get involved, make friends, and choose the major that's perfect for you. Although participation in a FIG program is optional, it is highly recommended. FIGs allow you to:

  • Aquaint yourself with the learning tools and resources available at Penn State Behrend
  • Meet other students who share your interests and goals
  • Find out how to get involved in campus activities
  • Have regular contact with faculty in your major area of interest


There are more than 20 FIGs from which to choose, whether you are interested in engineering, health care, journalism, or psychology. Undecided on a major? There's even a FIG for you.
Click here to check out all the FIGs that are available.

Each FIG Group has an upperclass student who works to mentor this group by providing both social and academic programs to enrich their experience and give them a better idea of what a future in their intended major might entail.

Students in FIG share their Freshman Seminar Class (a requirement for all freshman) and a linked course. These students are pre-enrolled in these two classes when FIG enrollment is completed.

Although FIGs are open to all students, whether you live on-campus or off, students who are living on-campus have the added advantage of being located in living areas with the other students in their FIG either in one of the traditional halls or Suite Housing.


Kelly Shrout
Associate Director of Student Affairs, Coordinator for the FIG Program

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