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Clubs and Organizations

School of Science


Astronomy Club
The Astronomy Club provides students of all majors with experience in the field of practical astronomy. Along with joint trips with the Physics Club, the Astronomy Club holds observing sessions using several telescopes including the 16-inch Newtonian reflector located on campus.

Dr. G. William Baxter, Associate Professor of Physics


Biology Club
The Biology Club gives students of all majors experience in biological issues and provides an informal social environment for overworked students.The Biology Club takes part in many social and service activities, including hosting public speakers that deal with contemporary topics in the field of practical biology, a yearly trip to locations such as the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, and an annual picnic.

Ms. Lisa Mangel, Lecturer in Biology


Chemistry Club
The Chemistry Club hosts several annual social events, including a mid-semester picnic and an October Cider and Doughnut Party. Members also celebrate National Chemistry Week by painting the windows on the Science Building and conducting public demonstrations of simple chemistry experiments at the Millcreek Mall. The club also helps organize seminars given by chemistry faculty on contemporary research topics. The Chemistry Club is open to students with an interest in chemistry, and students of any major are encouraged to join.

Dr. Alan Jircitano, Associate Professor of Chemistry


Math Club
The purpose of the Math Club is to promote the exchange of mathematical ideas, improve student understanding of the mathematics profession, and enhance student appreciation of the role of mathematics in society.


Physics Club
The Physics Club provides students (all majors) a chance to experience practical environments in physics. Recent activities include semesterly trips to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, the Toronto Science Center, the NASA Research Facility in Cleveland, and the Particle Accelerator in Rochester, New York. The Physics Club meets once a week, typically late in the afternoon.

Dr. G. William Baxter, Associate Professor of Physics


Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society
Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

Dr. Margaret Voss, Assistant Professor of Biology