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Admissions Requirements


3+4 Accelerated Program in Dentistry

Phase I - Penn State Behrend

Students will be admitted, on a competitive basis, to the Penn State Behrend phase of the program based upon the following minimum criteria:

  • SAT combined math and verbal score of 1200
  • High school GPA of 3.5 and high school rank in top 25% of class;
  • Additional evidence of scholarly and professional potential and desire to become a primary care physician.
  • Preference given to Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and southwestern New York residents from rural areas, but highly qualified applicants from other geographic locations will also be considered.

Acceptance to Phase I of the program is determined by Penn State Behrend. Typically, a maximum of five students chosen from the most qualified applicants will be admitted to Phase I of the program each year.

Application Process

To apply for Phase I of the 3 + 4 Accelerated Program in Dentistry contact:

Dr. Michael W. Justik, Health Professions Adviser

Application will include evidence of your high school performance, a letter indicating your interest in a career in dentistry, and an interview conducted on the Penn State Behrend campus.

If you meet the minimum requirements of the program and show a strong interest in dentistry, as evidenced by your letter, an interview will be arranged at Penn State Behrend. Admission to Phase I is granted on a competitive basis, with the applicant's record and interview included in the decision. Admission to Phase I grants the successful applicant conditional acceptance into Phase II. Acceptance into Phase II is based on the conditions outlined herein and is administered by Temple.

Phase II - Temple University

Final acceptance of candidates to Phase II of the program will be determined by Temple University. Students must apply through the American Association of Dental Science Application Services (AADSAS) to Temple during the fall of their third year. Letters of recommendation and supporting documentation must be submitted for Temple review by the first day of January.

To gain acceptance, students must successfully have completed the specific course work at Penn State Behrend. The minimal overall grade point average at Penn State Behrend must be a 3.3 (A=4.0) in science courses and overall. The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) scores must be taken no later than October of the third year and earn a minimum score of 18 total science and 17 academic average.

An automatic invitation for a formal interview will be granted if the student meets the criteria detailed above.

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