Why Study Mathematics?

If you have an interest in pure math, statistics, algorithms, or the applications of mathematics to a variety of fields, then the mathematics major at Penn State Behrend may be the right choice for you. The demand for mathematicians is projected to be strong in the coming years. A shortage of science teachers, a growing need for actuarial specialists, and demand for greater computer network efficiency and for fast, accurate decision-making in international markets suggest good careers for those in mathematics.

Why earn your mathematics degree at Penn State Behrend?

  • Small class sizes foster close student-professor relationships and provide many opportunities for students to participate in faculty supervised research or internships. Student-faculty collaboration has generated research projects in mathematical biology, game theory, abstract algebra, random variables, math education, pattern formation, application of statistics, graph theory, stock market analysis, and the history of math. Research helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and students often comment on how much better they understand what has been taught in the classroom now that they are actually applying their knowledge to answer questions. Students with research experience have a very competitive edge upon graduation whether the student is interested in applying for jobs or graduate or professional schools.
  • Faculty typically have doctorates or significant experience in the mathematics field. Among the Penn State Behrend mathematics faculty members are authors of some of America’s best-selling college-level math textbooks.
  • Cooperative education and internship opportunities are available for academic credit.