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Biology Curriculum

The biology major consists of six options: (1) General Option, (2) Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Option, (3) Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Option, (4) Genetics and Developmental Biology Option, (5) Medical Technology Option, (6) Accelerated Health Programs Option.

All majors take a core of four Biology courses during the first two years as well as one year of General Chemistry, one year of Organic Chemistry, one year of Calculus, and a selection of General Education courses. During the third and fourth years, students take Biology courses specific to their chosen option as well as completing other required courses such as Physics, Statistics, and General Education requirements.

Current students: See the Recommended Academic Plans for more detailed course recommendations and refer to the University Bulletin for course descriptions and more degree requirements. Or find other resources on the Current Students page.

Options in Biology at Behrend (BIOBD)

General Option

Recommended Academic Plan - Checksheet

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Option

Recommended Academic Plan - Checksheet

Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Option

Recommended Academic Plan - Checksheet

Genetics and Developmental Biology Option

Recommended Academic Plans - Checksheet

Medical Technology Option

Recommended Academic Plan - Checksheet

Accelerated Health Programs Option

Recommended Academic Plan - Checksheet


Typical Course Sequence

Below is a typical course sequence for the Biology bachelor's degree program. Schedules will vary by student, depending on areas of interest.

Semester 1Credits Semester 2Credits
Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity4Biology: Function and Development of Organs4
Rhetoric and Composition3Calculus with Analytic Geometry I4
Chemical Principles I3Experimental Chemistry I11
Experimental Chemistry I1Chemical Principles II3
Health and Physical Activity1.5Health and Physical Activity1.5
Arts course3Humanities course3
First-Year Seminar1Total Credits16.5
Total Credits16.5  
Semester 3  Semester 4 
Biology: Populations and Communities4Biology: Molecules and Cells4
Organic Chemistry I3Organic Chemistry II w/lab5
Calculus with Analytic Geometry II4Effective Speech3
Social and Behavioral Science course3Introduction to Biostatistics3
Total Credits14Arts Course3
  Total Credits18
Semester 5  Semester 6 
Genetic Analysis3Upper level Biology or Microbiology course*3-4
Upper level Biology or Microbiology course*3-4Biological Experimental Design3
Introductory Physics I3Effective Writing: Technical Writing3
Approved supporting course3Introductory Physics II4
Humanities course3Social and Behavioral Science course3
Total Credits16-17Total Credits16-17
Semester 7  Semester 8 
Upper level Biology or Microbiology course*3-4Upper level Biology or Microbiology course*3-4
Upper level Biology or Microbiology course*3-4Evolution3
Approved supporting course2Approved supporting course3
Approved supporting course3Approved supporting course3
Approved supporting course3Approved supporting course3
Total Credits14-16Total Credits15-16
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