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Audition Information

Audition Information

Welcome to Theatre at Behrend. We are looking for creative, dedicated and hard-working students who are interested in performance or behind the scenes work in a small theatre program. No experience is necessary.

In addition to taking introductory courses in theatre, acting and set construction, you have the opportunity to participate in our fall and spring productions for course credit. Whether you have a passion for performing, are looking for an opportunity to meet new friends, or gain valuable lifelong skills in communication and collaboration, Theatre@Behrend has something for you. If you are interested in performing, see audition information below. If you are interested in backstage work or designing (lighting, costumes, set design and construction, sound, etc.), please email the director, Emily Cassano.


Upcoming Auditions for Fall 2014

“A View from the Bridge”

Auditions for the Fall 2014 theatre production, ”A View from the Bridge” by Arthur Miller, will be held in the Studio Theatre on Sunday, September 7 at 6 p.m. and Monday, September 8 at 4 p.m. The show is being directed by Behrend Theatre faculty member Emily Cassano.

The Studio Theatre is located on campus adjacent to Turnbull Hall and across from the Glenhill Farmhouse. ALL Behrend students, faculty, and staff are welcome to audition!

The drama centers on obsession and betrayal. Brooklyn longshoreman Eddie Carbone lives in a tight-knit hardworking Italian neighborhood near the waterfront with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine. Catherine's emerging independence and womanhood have begun to bother Eddie; he isn't ready to give up his position as the main man in her life. Into this already tense situation enter two of Beatrice's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, illegal immigrants from the old country. When Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho, Eddie tries everything he can to dissuade her. Driven by an obsession he can neither understand nor acknowledge, Eddie finally reports Marco and Rodolpho to the immigration authorities in a desperate attempt to restore his family. His betrayal has far-reaching effects in the community, leading to tragic circumstances.

Auditions will consist of reading scenes from the script, which will be provided at the auditions. Some characters written to be played by men may be played by women. See character descriptions for all roles below.

Performance Dates: November 6-8 and 13-15.  All performances at 7:30 p.m.

Please bring any and all conflicts with you to auditions - you will be asked to fill out a scheduling form at that time.  A rehearsal schedule will be created around these conflicts.

If you are unable to attend the audition times above, please email the director, Emily Cassano, with your availability (i.e. Tuesday after 7:30 p.m., Wednesday before 8:00 p.m.) and she will get back to you with a time-slot.

To keep updated with auditions, performances and other theatre-related events, please join Theatre@Behrend at


Eddie Carbone -  A Longshoreman. Eddie lives with his wife, Beatrice and orphaned niece, Catherine, in Red Hook Brooklyn. Eddie is an inarticulate character and is powerless in the face of his tragic fate. He harbors a secret lust for his niece Catherine which causes his eventually destruction.

Catherine -  The niece of Eddie Carbone and Beatrice. Catherine is a beautiful, smart, young Italian girl who is very popular among the boys in the community. Catherine seeks approval from her uncle and struggles when Eddie does not approve of Rodolpho, the man she intends to marry.

Beatrice -  The wife of Eddie Carbone and aunt of Catherine. Beatrice has raised Catherine from the time she was very young and acts Catherine's mother. Beatrice is a warm and caring woman, more reasonable than Eddie. Like Catherine, Beatrice is not a very well-developed character in the play.

Marco -  The cousin of Beatrice. Marco comes to the U.S. to work and make money to send back to his wife and children in Italy. Marco is a hard working Italian man who is a powerful, sympathetic leader.

Rodolpho -  Beatrice's young, blonde cousin from Italy. Rodolpho prefers singing jazz to working on the ships. To Eddie and the other Longshoremen, Rodolpho seems effeminate because he also cooks, sews and loves to dance. Rodolpho desires to be an American and have all the privileges of Western society including wealth and fame.

Alfieri -  An Italian-American lawyer. Alfieri is the narrator of the story. He speaks directly to the audience and attempts to make clear the greater social and moral implications of the story. (Could potentially be cast as a female)

Others - May be double cast.

First Immigration Officer -  One of two officers from the Immigration Bureau who comes to look for Marco and Rodolpho at Eddie's request.

Second Immigration Officer -  One of two officers from the Immigration Bureau who comes to look for Marco and Rodolpho at Eddie's request.

Mr. Lipari -  A butcher who lives upstairs from the Carbone's. Eddie blames Mr. Lipari for the arrest of Marco and Rodolpho.

Mrs. Lipari -  The upstairs neighbor of the Carbone's. Mrs. Lipari agrees to give Marco and Rodolpho a room in her home when Eddie kicks the men out of his house.

Two "Submarines" -  Two illegal immigrants hiding upstairs from the Carbone's in the Lepari house.

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