YPC Outreach at the Barber National Institute

The Young People's Chorus of Erie has formed a satellite choir at the Barber National Institute. The choir is the Barber Center's first venture in Musical Arts.

The choir, which meets twice a week and consists of children with intellectual disabilities from ages 10-20 years old, encourages participants to dance and sing with YPC assistant conductor and director of education, Caitlin Henning. Henning, 23, was a perfect fit for the job. She spent her senior year at Ithaca College researching  techniques for teaching music to students within the autism spectrum. In addition to the choir, YPC works with pre-school and elementary aged students in a "Movement and Music" class. The two programs combined reach about 90 students.

View a video of the new choir: http://video.goerie.com/?pl_id=24682&va_id=3824698