Student Research Topics in Political Science

Political Science ResearchMany political science majors have worked with Dr. John Gamble on his Comprehensive Statistical Database of Mulitlateral Treaties project, and several of those students have presented papers with Dr. Gamble at international conferences and have co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals of international law.

Many majors have also been Schreyer Scholars who have written honors theses on a variety of topics with all of our faculty members. Some of their topics in recent years have included:

American Politics

State Government Takeovers of Failing School Districts

Criminal Disenfranchisement

The Role of Regionalism in American Foreign Policy

The Constitutional Right of Privacy

Land Claims Disputes Among Native American Tribes in Western New York

Affirmative Action Policies at Public University Law Schools


American Ethnic Groups and US Foreign Policy

Comparative Politics

Ethnic Politics in Botswana

Government and NGO policy solutions to the Environmental Protection of Lake Victoria (Africa)

The Political and Social Integration of Hong Kong and China

American and Dutch Health Care: Similar Values, Different Implementation

Kurdistan: An Unrealized Dream

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom: Perspectives on Their Roles within the European Union

A Comparison of Margaret Thatcher’s and Tony Blair’s Policies and Positions Toward the Increasingly Powerful European Union

International Relations

Border Conflicts Among Soviet Successor States

The Effectiveness of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf War

The Gender Wage Gap as a World Indicator of the Political, Social, and Economic Progress on the Issue of Gender Equality

Children’s Rights: The Emergence of International Protection

The Birth of the International Criminal Court: A New Paradigm for International Law?

NATO in the 21st Century

International Law and the Capture of General Manuel Noriega

The Treaty-Making of "Chinese Entities": 1648-1995

Africa: The Forgotten Continent Chained to Colonial Darkness or Bound for a Brighter Future?

Defining and Understanding Economic Treaties: A 500-Year Perspective

Soft Law as Reflected in Multilateral Treaties