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Lake Effect, Spring 2007, Volume 11


Lake Effect, Spring 2007, Volume 11, Cover Photo


Spring 2007
Volume 11


Contributors and Samples:

Jackson Blair
Rick Bursky
Neil Carpathios   ---   Another Summer Evening on the Block
Michelle Disler
James Doyle
Kathy Fagan
Brent Fisk
Erin Gay
Ray Gonzalez
James Grinwis
Beth Gylys
Aaron Hellem
Rich Ives
Anna Leahy
Doug Martin
Doug Ramspeck
Anastasia Smith   ---   Eurydice
Amber Coverdale Sumrall
F. Keith Wahle
Elizabeth Bross
Francois Camoin   ---   Tuesday
William Virgil Davis
Keith Doak
Denise Duhamel
Gary Fincke   ---   My Father Told Me
Jefrie Funtal
Stephen Gibson
Allison Gray
Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Herberto Helder
Harry Humes   ---   A World Without Elephants
Yung Seoul Kim
Ken Letko
Daniel Pinkerton
Natania Rosenfeld   ---   Flirting Revisited
Amy Spade
Joe Taylor
Dave Yost

Editorial Staff

George Looney, Editor in Chief, Photo
George Looney
A. Dziubkowski photo
Fiction Editor:
A. Dziubkowski


Danielle Payer , Fiction Editor, Photo
Fiction Editor:
Danielle Payer

Raleigh Lee, Poetry Editor, photo
Poetry Editor:
Raleigh Lee

Corey Zeller , Poetry Editor, photo

Poetry Editor:
Corey Zeller


Allison Gray, Nonfiction Editor, Photo

Nonfiction Editor:
Allison Gray

Consulting Editors: Sean Thomas Dougherty, Tom Noyes

Assistant Editors: Lisa Akus, Prema Bangera, Ashley Bressler, Elizabeth Bross, Jessica Casbohm, Patrick Conklin, Garrett Culver,
Patrick Doyle, Matt Grolemund, Amanda Kinross,Benjamin Morris, Michael Parsons, Nathan Roggenkamp, Kaylynn Smith, Elizabeth Twohig, Denise Zalik

Cover Artist: AJ Noyes ("Mayfly")
Cover Design: Chris Majerik
Technical Consultant: Wendy Kallgren

Copyright © 2007 Lake Effect & respective artists
Information, images and creative work on this website
may not be reproduced, republished, or mirrored.


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