CEAED Curriculum

Prospective Students:

Below is a typical course sequence for the Childhood and Early Adolescent Education bachelor's degree program. Schedules will vary by student, depending on areas of interest. See bulletins.psu.edu/bulletins/bluebook for specific degree requirements.

Semester 1 Credits   Semester 2 Credits
First-Year Seminar 1 Problem Solving in Mathematics 3
Rhetoric and Composition 3 Earth Science Course 3
Biology Course 3 U.S. History Course 3
Arts Course 3 Geography 3
Mathematics Course 3 Arts Course 3
Literature Course 3 Health and Physical Activity 1.5
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 16.5
Semester 3     Semester 4  
Learning and Instruction 3 Education in American Society 3
Infant and Child Development 3 Analysis and Interpretation of Statistical Data in Education 3
Physical Sciences Course 3 Introduction to Teaching English to 
   English Language Learners
Effective Speech 3 Instruction in Early Childhood Education 
   Derived from Development Theories
Sociology of the Family 3 Health Education Programs for the
   Elementary School Child
Health and Physical Activity 1.5 Introductory Field Experience 3
Total Credits 16.5 Total Credits 16.5
Semester 5     Semester 6  
Effective Writing 3 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School 3
Inclusive Special Education Foundations 3 Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School 3
Physical Education Programs 
   for the Elementary School Child
1.5 Teaching Children’s Literature 3
The Young Child’s Play as Educative Processes 3 The Visual Arts in the Elementary School 3
Education Course 3 Music for Classroom Teachers 3
Education Course 3 Total Credits 15
Total Credits 16.5    
Semester 7     Semester 8  
Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School 3 Practicum in Student Teaching: Elementary and
   Kindergarten Education
Teaching Science in the Elementary School 3 Professional Development Practicum 3
Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Grades 3 Total Credits 15
Evidence-Based Instruction for Elementary Students 
   with Disabilities in Reading, Math, and Writing
Clinical Application of Instruction: Early Childhood Education 3    
Total Credits 15