Behavioral Health and Counseling Psychology Certificate

This 15-credit certificate will provide the core information and competencies for students interested in pursuing a position in behavioral health and clinical or counseling psychology. It will be useful to both psychology majors interested in pursuing clinical or counseling psychology and for returning students taking courses part-time for career advancement. The certificate may also serve as the gateway to a minor or major in psychology.

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology overviews the assessment, causes, and treatments of psychological disorders. Introduction to Clinical Psychology focuses on diagnostic procedures, treatment, and ethical issues involved in working in mental health settings. PSYCH 495 provides a 3-credit supervised internship experience. This requirement may be waived if the student provides documentation of adequate professional experience. Two additional courses from the program list below will be used to meet the students' specific needs. Note that all psychology courses require the prerequisite of PSYCH 100, Introduction to Psychology.
Students must have a C or better in each certificate course, and at least one course must have been completed in or after spring 2012.

Required courses:
PSYCH 270 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 3 credits  
PSYCH 481 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3 credits  
PSYCH 495 Internship 3 credits  

Choose 2 of the following courses:
PSYCH 238 Introduction to Personality Psychology (GS) 3 credits  
PSYCH 243 Introduction to Well-being and Positive Psychology (GS) 3 credits  
PSYCH 404 Principles of Measurement (EDPSY 450) 3 credits  
PSYCH 423 Social Psychology of Interpersonal/Intergroup Relationships 3 credits  
PSYCH 470 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits  
PSYCH 471 Psychology of Adjustment and Social Relationships 3 credits  
PSYCH 473 Behavior Modification 3 credits  
PSYCH 474 Psychological Intervention in Childhood 3 credits  
PSYCH 476 Child Psychopathology 3 credits  
PSYCH 477 Mental Health Practicum with Children 3 credits  
PSYCH 478 Clinical Neuropsychology 3 credits  


Visit the Registrar's website to download the certificate application.


Dr. Charisse Nixon
Associate Professor of Psychology