Co-Op and Internship Requirements

Requirements for the Cooperative Education Program for Students in CENBD, EE BD, and SE BD


Requirements for the Cooperative Education Program


Students can apply a technical elective as academic credit in the co-op program by completing any three-credit combination of EE, CMPEN, or SWENG 395/495 credits (or ENGR X95 if the position is obtained through the University Park Cooperative Education and Internship Office). The credits must meet the criteria outlined below.

EE/CMPEN/SWENG 395 credit

  • One credit will be awarded for the first experience (either a single semester or a summer assignment).
  • The student must be accepted into an engineering academic program (CMPSC, CENBD, EE BD, or SE BD).
  • The experience must be approved by the Co-Op and Internship Coordinator before or at the start of the assignment. This includes a statement of intended work with supervisor's approval.
  • The co-op must be engineering activities. No drafting, lab technician support, data entry, sourcing, etc.
  • If the assignment is during the summer, you must enroll for credits during the summer term. Registering for credits during a semester in which you are not working is not allowed.
  • The internship grade will be determined by a combination of the following: 1) a mid-semester assessment and progress report submitted via ANGEL. 2) A final assessment and report submited via ANGEL. 3) A supervisor's evaluaton of job performance at the end of the semester/summer co-op period.

EE/CMPEN/SWENG 495 credit

The requirement for credit are teh same for EE/CMPEN/SWENG 395 except:

  • Two-credits will be awarded for a second full-time cooperative educational experience.

Requirements for the Internship Program

Students can apply non-technical program elective credits in the internship program by completing any three-credit combination of EE, CMPEN, or SWENG 395/495 credits. The requirements for credit are the same as for the co-op program except:

EE/CMPEN/SWENG 395 credit

  • If the internship experience is during the academic year, the student must agree to: 1) work no more than 15 hours each week, and 2) take no more than 15 course credits, including the internship course credit(s).

EE/CMPEN/SWENG 495 credit

Same criteria as for the EE BD/CENBD 395 except:

  • Two credits will be awarded for a second summer internship.


Note: If the position is obtained through University Park, the the student must register and complete the required assignments/paperwork in the ENGR X95 version of the course, HOWEVER, to obtain credit that can be applied to the Behrend program, the assignments (mid-term report, final reort, and supervisor's evaluation) must be completed and submitted via ANGEL and must be arranged with the Co-op and Internship Coordinator.