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Industrial Engineering, B.S. Curriculum

Current students: See the Recommended Academic Plan for more detailed recommendations, or the University Bulletin for more requirements and course descriptions. Or find other resources on the Current Students page.

Typical Course Sequence - Industrial Engineering, B.S.

Below is a typical course sequence for the Industrial Engineering bachelor's degree program. Schedules will vary by student, depending on areas of interest.

Semester 1 Credits   Semester 2 Credits
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 4 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 4
Chemical Principles I 3 General Physics: Mechanics 4
Rhetoric and Composition 3 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
Introduction to Engineering Design 3 Experimental Chemistry I 1
Arts Course 3 Humanities Course 3
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15
Semester 3     Semester 4  
Statics 3 Differential Equations 3
Calculus of Several Variables 2 Programming for Engineers with MATLAB 3
General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism 4 Strength of Materials 3
Matrices 2 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
Social and Behavioral Science Course 3 General Physics: Wave Motion and Quantum Physics 2
Effective Speech 3 Electrical Circuits and Power Distribution 3
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 17
Semester 5     Semester 6  
Engineering Economy 3 Information Technology in IE 3
Product Design, Specification and Measurement 3 Statistical Methods in IE 3
Probabilistic Models in Industrial Engineering 3 Linear Programming 3
Intro to Work Design 3 Elective - Manufacturing 3
Materials, Properties, and Processing 3 Technical Writing 3
Health and Physical Activity 1.5 Health and Physical Activity 1.5
Total Credits 16.5 Total Credits 16.5
Semester 7     Semester 8  
Intro to Operations Research 3 Capstone Design Course 3
Cognitive Work Design 3 Simulation Modeling for Decision Support 3
Manufacturing System Design and Analysis 3 Arts course 3
Social and Behavioral Science course 3 Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3 Technical Elective 3
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 15
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