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Internship Proposal

The proposal serves as a formal agreement among the student, the sponsoring organization, the faculty supervisor, and program chair for the student's major.

Internship Proposal Process

Students are responsible for the formulation of the internship proposal. Before contacting the sponsoring organization, the student should review the School of Business Internship Guidelines and discuss internship requirements with an appropriate faculty supervisor.

Subsequently, the first draft of the proposal should be developed by the student through preliminary discussions with the site supervisor and other members of the sponsoring organization. The faculty supervisor should review the first draft and consult with the program chair to determine sufficiency of the internship experience for awarding academic credit. At this stage, the internship proposal may be approved, rejected, or approved subject to amendments.

If the proposal is approved subject to amendments, the student can communicate the required changes to the site supervisor for consideration. If the site supervisor approves the amendments, the student may appropriately revise and resubmit the proposal to the faculty supervisor. Properly revised proposals should be approved by the faculty supervisor.

The final draft of all proposals should initially be approved by the faculty supervisor as evidenced by his or her signature. Subsequently, the student and site supervisor may indicate approval with their signatures. Final approval is given by the in-Charge faculty prior to submission of registration documents. A copy of the approved proposal should be attached to the internship registration form submitted to the registrar.

Formulation of the Proposal

The proposal should describe the internship in sufficient details so as to avoid subsequent confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore, the internship proposal should disclose any and all information concerning the internship that the parties feel is appropriate. As a minimum, the proposal should include statements concerning the following items (see Internship Proposal Template, following):

Item 1: A statement of the internship objective--primarily to supplement the student's theoretical knowledge with a practical work experience. The specific related academic courses in which the theoretical knowledge was acquired should be identified.

Item 2: Brief statements of responsibilities:

  • Student: All Business School internships require the student to write a paper. Particular programs may have their individual internship requirements (for example, making a formal presentation, etc.) These and any other requirements should also be disclosed.
  • Site Supervisor: He or she is responsible for directly or indirectly supervising internship activities and evaluating the student's performance.
  • Faculty Supervisor: He or she assigns the grade for the internship. The basis for formulating the grade should be disclosed.
  • Other Items: Number of academic credits to be earned, number of internship hours to be worked and a general description of the work schedule.

The student, site supervisor, faculty supervisor, and program chair indicate agreement with the internship proposal by their signatures. A signed copy of the completed internship proposal must be on file in the School of Business office no later than ten days from the first day of classes for the semester. Failure to submit a completed internship proposal will result in cancellation of the student's internship course enrollment.

Download the Internship Proposal Template.

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