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Business Bridge


Business Bridge

November 12 and 13, 2011

The Business Bridge, initiated by a group of School of Business faculty in 2001, is designed to assist second-year business students in making well-informed major and career choices, as well as to provide them with training in leadership, team building and negotiation skills, and business etiquette.

The "Bridge" is a two-day experiential learning session conducted in a business retreat format. Business meals with college administrators, community business leaders, and faculty members from all majors are provided, and we feature a motivational speaker sanctioned by the Covey Institute at the Sunday breakfast. Additionally, there are sessions with local business leaders, recent graduates, and seniors in all of the business majors.

The Penn State Behrend Business Bridge has attracted a great deal of national attention and is being used as a template for the development of similar initiatives in business schools across the country. We have been invited to resent the concept and results of the Bridge at two national conferences. The Business Bridge received international attention as well at the Hawaii International Conference on Business in June 2002.

The Bridge has been extremely well received by everyone who participates. The students, faculty, alumni, and business professionals were all very enthusiastic about the experience, and many are returning this year. We are pleased to be able to offer this program to our students and grateful for the support we have received from the community in continuing it.

The School of Business is looking for community support for the Business Bridge, so if you would like to contribute to the success of this program in November, please contact Janet Cipriani by phone at 814-898-6560 or by e-mail at Your contributions and support are very much appreciated.

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