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ManagementNote: The Management major has changed and been renamed to Project and Supply Chain Management (PSCM). Current Management majors (General Management or Operations Management options) can complete their degree by following the existing requirements. Effective Fall 2013, students interested in studying Management who have yet to formally declare their major must choose the new Project and Supply Chain Management major.

The Management major is designed to prepare students for the functions of management—the coordination of human, material, and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals.

Penn State Behrend offers two career path options. The General Management option prepares students for careers in personnel administration or a variety of other general management positions. This option emphasizes managing human resources, but students also can select supporting business courses in other disciplines to prepare themselves to become managers of small businesses or units of larger business organizations, frequently in retail or service businesses.

The Operations Management option provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to design and operate today’s complex management systems. This option emphasizes course work in forecasting, production and inventory planning control, logistics, purchasing, and materials management. Students also can select from supporting course concentration in analytical methods and manufacturing processes to better prepare themselves for careers in manufacturing organizations.


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