Centers and Institutes


  • Applied Energy Research Center
    Focuses on the development of innovative, patentable and advanced manufacturing products that improve energy efficiency for the industrial, power generation, and transportation marketplace. 
  • Centers and Institutes - RFIDApplied Research & Design Center
    Provides state-of-the-art applied research and technology transfer to benefit industry in areas related to computer, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.
  • Economic Research Institute of Erie (ERIE)
    Collects, analyzes, interprets, and disseminates data and the resulting knowledge related to Erie County's economy to provide an enhanced understanding of the regional economic structure and its relation to the national and international economies. The ERIE Institute has identified a set of eight variables—known as the ERIE Leading Index (ELI)—that can be used to help forecast the economic future of the Erie area. The latest ELI is always linked on the homepage.
  • Engineering K-12 Outreach Center
    Coordinates the school's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) outreach activities to school-aged youth.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Center of Excellence
    Dedicated to student and incumbent worker skills development in the field of ERP software development, maintenance, and operation.
  • The Institute on the American Dream
    Explores the bright and dark sides of individual, ethnic, and national dreams by defining, analyzing, and comparing dreams; seeking their origins; and evaluating who wins and who loses under the various definitions.
  • Janet Neff Sample Center for Manners and Civility
    Fosters a civility-enriched academic experience within the college community by providing resources for teaching, research, and co-curricular programs leading to an understanding of the global, theoretical dimensions of civility as well as to an enhancement of practical interpersonal and public communication skills.
  • Medical Plastics Center of Excellence
    Focuses on education and applied research related to the use of polymers in the medical field.  Activities include material testing, computer modeling and process simulation technology, and a simulated modular clean room that houses a liquid silicone rubber-molding machine.  The center also includes a medical plastics certificate, first of its kind in the United States, providing undergraduate students an education in the design, development, and manufacture of medical plastic devices.
  • Partnership Erie
    Provides non-profit organizations in the Erie region an inexpensive way to establish a presence on the Internet, and provide Penn State Behrend students with practical experience.
  • Prevention of Aggression Resource Center (PARC)
    Aims to improve school culture and resolve peer victimization in our schools.
  • Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Community Outreach, Research and Evaluation (CORE)
    Provides high quality research and evaluation for the social service base of northwest Pennsylvania through cutting-edge evaluations of program effectiveness, identification of best practices, and grant-writing services.