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Wearable Computers no Longer just for Jetsons

Google Glass had nothing on the VuMan 3, a portable computer worn by Marines at Camp Pendleton in 1993. The system – a processor worn on a belt and wired to a headband display – led mechanics through a 50-page inspection checklist for amphibious tractors.

The checklist had 600 data points, which took six hours to complete. A second Marine then had to transcribe the notes.

March 24: Plastics Alumni Reception in Orlando

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Join Hall of Famer John Beaumont, Jon Meckley, Ralph Ford, Lucy Lenhardt, Brad Johnson, Gary Smith, Jason Williams, and Brian Young as we travel to Orlando for the NPE tradeshow.

In addition to being at the tradeshow, the Plastics Alumni Association and the Behrend alumni office will be hosting a reception for Behrend plastics engineering alumni Tuesday, March 24.

March 23-27: Office of Community and Workforce Programs to exhibit at NPE2015

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In collaboration with the School of Engineering, the Penn State Behrend Office of Community and Workforce Programs will exhibit at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase​ to be held March 23-27 in Orlando, Florida.

January 27: ACM Speaker Reviews 15 Years of Wearable Computers

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The director of the Quality of Life Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University will discuss the future of wearable computers -- with possibilities far beyond your Fitbit -- during an Association for Computing Machinery talk at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

May 6: Commencement

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Penn State Behrend Commencement

Penn State Behrend Funds $41K in Spring Research

Penn State Behrend is funding more than $41,000 in undergraduate research this spring. Sixty-two students will participate in the studies, working directly with faculty mentors.

Students in the Black School of Business will study the effectiveness of product placement in massively multiplayer online role-playing games, such as “Splinter Cell” and “Rainbow Six: Lockdown.”

Far from Home: Moustafa Elhadary Finds Home is Still Where the Heart is

Moustafa Elhadary returned to his home country of Dubai on Monday, Dec. 22.Editor's note: Far from Home is an occasional series in which we document a year in the life of international students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.

Six cities. Five connecting flights. Thirty-five hours of travel. That’s what’s ahead for Moustafa Elhadary on Sunday and Monday.

He couldn’t be more excited.

More than 160 High School Students Attend Women in Engineering Day

More than 160 high school girls attended Women in Engineering Day this year at Penn State Behrend.Alisa Santiago, Brittany Loper, Sarah Shaw and Neely Colvin sat parallel to one another, looking down at the wooden car they had just built.

“Okay, I think we’re ready to go,” Loper said.

With her partners huddled behind her, Colvin took the vehicle to the top of the ramp, positioned it appropriately, and let it go.

Students Construct Cardboard City to Raise Money for Second Harvest Food Bank

Sixteen student groups built cardboard homes as part of the Cardboard City fundraiser at Penn State Behrend.Joseph Helbling’s alarm went off at 2:30 a.m. The internal debate immediately began.

“When you wake up at 2:30, it’s easier to hit snooze than it is to roll out of bed and come here for your shift,” he said.

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