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Research and Outreach

Undergraduate Student Research Award Recipients

2013-2014    Nicholas Friedl, Jerry Casbohm (Chemistry)

2011-2012    Lauren Kolb (Political Science)

2010-2011   James Pander (Chemistry)

2009-2010   Christine Giuliano (Political Science), James Hodge (Psychology)

2008-2009   Jessica Schubert (Psychology), Chelsea Fenush (Psychology)

2007-2008   Alicia Klinvex (Computer Science), Christopher Suprock (Mechanical Engineering)

2006-2007   Kala Wolfe (Biology)

Research & Outreach

Research and Outreach mainPenn State Behrend is an undergraduate and graduate college of a major research and land-grant university, Penn State University. Land-grant institutions were founded with the idea that higher education could maintain classical and scientific studies but also should be responsive to the needs of the public.

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