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May 3: YPC Erie 'My Soul is Awakened' Spring Concert

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The Young People’s Chorus of Erie hopes to emphasize the power of an awakening through “My Soul is Awakened,” this year’s spring concert from northwest Pennsylvania’s only comprehensive youth choral music program.

2016 Penn State Behrend - Sigma Xi Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Accomplishment Conference


The twenty-fifth annual conference, held on April 16, 2016, included 179 presentations, 284 students, and 119 faculty members.


Students either presented their research and creative accomplishments in the form of oral presentations or as poster displays. The quality and sophistication of the student work increases every year. Unless noted, students are from Penn State Behrend.


Awards were given to the following students:


College to Lead Regional Innovation Collaborative

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, will lead a three-year, $1.5 million initiative to spur business innovation and support entrepreneurs across the Erie region. The effort will boost small businesses and start-ups by creating a network of educational, industry and community institutions that are committed to improving the region’s economy.

April 7: Keystone Energy Forum on Economics of Shale Gas

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Members of the Keystone Energy Forum, an outreach group that promotes shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania, view the Marcellus Shale formation as a sort of buried treasure – the largest natural gas field outside Qatar or Iran.

Collecting that gas is not an easy process. The economic payoff could be immense, however: Full access to the formation could create 200,000 new jobs in Pennsylvania, according to the forum.

April 7: Boston Brass to Perform in Music at Noon

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For more than 27 years, Boston Brass’ unique brand of humor has been a staple of the brass quintet. The humor is a way for the group to bridge the gap of classical formality, one of the reasons they have been a repeat performer in Music at Noon: The Logan Series.

Boston Brass’ latest performance in the program takes place Tuesday, April 7, at noon in the McGarvey Commons of the Reed Union Building. Admission is free, and reserved parking for audience members will be available in the Reed lot. The performance is part of the 25th season of Music at Noon: The Logan Series.

Erie Engineering Firm to Expand After Move to Knowledge Park

Process and Data Automation, an Erie-based engineering and data-services firm, will relocate to Penn State Behrend’s Knowledge Park this spring. The company, which provides full-service industrial control systems for the food and beverage, metals, pet food and wastewater industries, withdrew a bid to purchase the vacant Ridgefield Elementary School in November.

350 Middle- and High-School Students Attend Science Olympiad

More than 350 middle- and high-school students attended the Science Olympiad at Penn State Behrend on Tuesday, March 10.Shyler Abbey’s science project – a knot of K’NEX rods, switches and fishing line – was built to ring a buzzer, which Shyler, a senior at Seneca High School, had set near the bottom of a cardboard box.

Fast Company: AMIC Project a Good Example of Campus Innovation

Fast Company, a magazine that showcases business, technology and design, includes the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Center project at Penn State Behrend in a new story about campus innovation.

2015 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships

Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses. 


School of Engineering 

Naz Argun (Adam Hollinger) - $1,200
“Additive Manufacture and Testing of Microscale Methanol Fuel Cells”

Lauren Bertges (Adam Hollinger) - $1,200
“Manufacturing of Multilayer Microscale Fuel Cells”

Black School of Business Team Competes in CFA Research Challenge

A student investment team from Penn State Behrend offered a “buy” recommendation for Black Box Networking Services, a top provider of voice and data networks, at the 2015 Chartered Financial Analyst Institute Research Challenge in Pittsburgh.