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Slow Growth of Erie's Economy Not Cause for Alarm, Professor Says

The Erie region’s economy appears to have hit a plateau, said Ken Louie, director of the Economic Research Institute of Erie and an associate professor of economics at Penn State Behrend’s Black School of Business. Though six of the eight economic indicators he tracks with the Erie Leading Index showed growth in the second quarter of 2015, the index itself rose by just 0.05 percent.

October 13: Brasil Guitar Duo to Perform in Logan Series

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The Brasil Guitar Duo will perform Tuesday, Oct. 13, at Penn State Behrend.The Brasil Guitar Duo is known for its mature musicianship, and that’s not by accident. João Luiz and Douglas Lora have known one another since adolescence, and their performances are indicative of that.

TaaSera Labs Partnership Puts Students at Front of Computer Security Initiative

Corporate computer security tends to be reactive: When threats are detected, system managers work to limit the damage by strengthening firewalls and patching vulnerable sections of code. It’s hacker Whac-A-Mole.

September 19: National Astronomy Day Activities

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Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, will host an afternoon of solar observations and planetarium shows in recognition of National Astronomy Day on Sept. 19.

The activities begin at noon in room 21 Witkowski of the School of Science Complex and are free and open to the public. The day’s events are hosted by Darren Williams, professor of physics and astronomy, and Jim Gavio, director of the Yahn Planetarium at Penn State Behrend. 

Young Choristers Learn Musical Skills at YPC Erie’s Summer Choir Camp

Darius Goodwin was one of the attendees at the Young People's Chorus of Erie's annual Summer Choir Camp.Darius Goodwin smiled while slowly beating the drums. He was practicing some of the skills he had just learned during the Young People’s Chorus of Erie’s annual Summer Choir Camp.

The sixth-grade student from Woodrow Wilson Middle School was initially unsure about coming to camp, but his excitement indicated that any uneasiness had quickly disappeared.

July 29: ERIE Conference, 'Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation'

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How can entrepreneurship and innovation contribute to local economic growth and development? What priorities should the Erie region establish to create and sustain an innovation ecosystem?

The College Gains Tree Campus USA Recognition for Second Consecutive Year

For the second straight year, Penn State Behrend has earned Tree Campus USA recognition.For the second consecutive year, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, has earned Tree Campus USA® recognition. Penn State Behrend is one of just nine colleges or universities in Pennsylvania to be recognized and the only school in northwestern Pennsylvania to earn the distinction.

Like Your Desk Chair? Thank A Human-Factors Psychologist

The human factors area of psychology developed at 30,000 feet: World War II pilots, under stress, too often pressed the wrong button, ejecting before they meant to.

Military scientists reconfigured the cockpits, placing related controls in clusters and shape-coding others. By adding circular or triangle-shaped knobs to control toggles, they helped pilots identify the controls by touch. That led to fewer mistakes, which meant fewer pilots dangling from parachutes.

College Begins Construction of 'Innovation Commons'

Penn State Behrend has begun construction of a $112,000 “Innovation Commons,” a collaborative lab where students, faculty members and industry partners can develop product ideas, create prototypes and consult with lawyers, bankers, marketing experts and others who can support entrepreneurial projects.

Penn State Behrend Funds $58K in Summer Research

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, is funding nearly $58,000 in undergraduate research this summer. Forty-nine students will participate in the studies, working directly with faculty mentors.

Psychology students will continue a pilot program with the Cleveland Clinic, working with college athletes and a Wii gaming console to measure the long-term effects on memory and balance as athletes recover from concussions.