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2012 Undergraduate Student Fall Semester Research Grants

Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.





Julie Heinl (Mary Beth Pinto) - $700
“The Effect of Social Media on Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention, and Word-of-Mouth Referrals: A Pre-Post Comparison”

Melissa Hess (Pelin Bicen and Michael Brown) - $700
“Embracing the Ever-Changing Role of Women”

Kai Lu (Ozgun Demirag) - $700
“Basketball Shootout Scheduling at Penn State Behrend Summer Sport Camps”




James Bimber and Mark Hiltabidel (Robert Weissbach) - $1,400
“Cellular Phone Control Application”

Tim Kaminske (Jun Zhou) - $700
“The Effects of Electric Current on Friction Stir Welding”

John Kerestes (Valerie Cook) - $700
“Tool Health Monitoring Comparing Acoustic Imaging to Vibration Data”

Chris Leasure and Daniel Gorajewski (Robert Edwards) - $1,400
“Effects of a Sudden Expansion in a Circular Duct with Air Flow”

Andrew Opalewski (Jun Zhou) - $700
“Effects of Electric Current on Penetration Depth and Weld Quality in Friction Stir Welding”

Abram Pleta (John Roth) - $700
“Biaxial Tension Testing Investigating the Effects of Electrically Assisted Manufacturing Techniques”




Miri Ohashi, Bilge Erdem, Megan Harris, Katherine Hoffman, and Jordan Massari (Dawn Blasko) - $2,800
“VIZ Expanding Spatial Skills across the Curriculum”





Alicia Carroll (Carol Wilson) - $700
“Attachment, Social Support, and Pain”

Kimberly Cook, Aly Eagle, and Jen Slane (Charisse Nixon) - $2,100
“Reducing Trauma Associated with Peer Mistreatment”

Rob Fogle, Bryan Fleeson, Christie Leslie, and Obadiah Floyd (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $2,100
“The Figurative Brain: Electrical Signals of Non-Literal Language”

Katherine Hoffman and Michael Fiscus (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,400
“The Role of Narcissism, Social Physique Anxiety, and Self Esteem in Multiple Dimensions of Exercise”

Nicole Nau (Heather Lum) - $700
“The ‘Black Dog’ Syndrome Follow-Up Study: Animal Stereotypes Influencing the Adoption of Animals”




Nicholas Barr (G. William Baxter) - $700
“Jamming of Low-Aspect Ratio Granular Media in Vertical Channels”

Brianne Campbell and Heather Jenkins (Anthony Foyle, Ann Quinn, and Pamela Silver) - $1,400
“Water Quality Monitoring of Fourmile and Eightmile Creek, Erie, Pennsylvania”

Leora Cantolina and Elizabeth Roddy (Anthony Foyle and Michael Naber) - $1,400
“Presque Isle Coastal Erosion throughout the Summer to Fall Season Change”

Stephanie Chestnut, Michael Jaskolka, and Derek Pensy (Christopher Gee) - $2,100
“Population Analysis of Agrobacterium vitis Diversity to Uncover the Geographical Origins”

Jenna Ebert and Gerianne Exil (Michael Campbell) - $1,365
“Effects of DMN on the Expression of HOG1 and SIC1 during Different Growth Phases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Franchesca Fee, Stephen Galdo, and Paul Lukasik (Ann Quinn) - $2,100
“Expansion of Penn State Behrend Energy Management”

Garrett Fiscus, Todd Thorniley, and Anthony Rodland (Christopher Gee) - $2,100
“Exploring Grapevine Gene Expression Following Inoculation with Agrobacterium vitis

Rob Fogle (Mary Grace Galinato) - $700
“Utilizing Covalently Modified Porphyrins to Elucidate Myoglobin’s Role”

Kaysie Foust and Nicole Joseph (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,400
“Testing Performance-Enhancing Polymorphisms for Athletic Performance”

Timothy Gaw and Zachary Duda (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,350
“Multigene Phylogenetic Analysis to Test the Origin of Endosymbiosis in Scale Insects”

Emily Hyde, Holly Pier, and Dan Hoang (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $2,100
“Tracking the Bacterial Diversity on Individual American Kestrel Eggs”

Phillip Kristufek (Paul Becker) - $691
“Investigation of Blocked Constructions for Binary Error-Correcting Codes”

Chachi Lethaby (Michael Naber and Anthony Foyle) - $700
“Geoscience Rock Display and Collection Research and Identification”

Joshua MacCready and Ariana Rosario (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,361
“Investigating Genomics, Horizontal Gene Transfer, and Gene Expression of the Endosymbiotic Bacteria Tremblaya princeps and Moranella endobia within the Citrus Mealybug Host Planococcus citri

Kaitlin Pander, Mary Sperry, and Brian Holsinger (Beth Potter and Margaret Voss) - $2,100
“Effects of Uropygial Gland Secretions on the Bacterial Diversity of House Wren Eggs”

Tanya Riston (Antonio Mastroberardino) - $700
“Neuronal Dynamics: The Fitzhugh-Nagumo Model Under Periodic Forcing”

Emily Schmitt and Marcelo Lob (Beth Potter) - $1,400
“Determining the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Agion Silver Technology on Door Handles within the Penn State Erie Campus”

Clayton Schuman (Antonio Mastroberardino) - $700
“Analysis of Multidimensional Predator-Prey Systems”

Peter Schuster (Michael Campbell and Pamela Silver) - $700
“The Effects of Chloride Runoff in Presque Isle Bay”

Fiona Steel (Blair Tuttle) - $700
“Modeling Candidate Solid State Systems for Quantum Computers”

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