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2013 Undergraduate Student Fall Semester Research Grants


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.



Adrian Pinto (Hunter Holzhauer) - $700
“An Analysis of Popular Investment Hypotheses: Addressing the O’Brien Model and Other Theories”

Kourtney Walsh (Mary Beth Pinto) - $700
“Collaboration, Communication, Teamwork and Student Satisfaction: The use of Yammer in Higher Education”



Garrett Gingenbach (Kurt Rogers) - $700
“Parameterized Radix-2 FFT Algorithm”

Thomas Hall (David Loker and John Roth) - $700
“Correlating Acoustic Emissions, Force Dynamometer, and Accelerometer of Milling Machine with Wear Data”

John Irving (David Loker and John Roth) - $700
“Acoustic Noise Based on Operational Characteristics of Milling Machines”

Jack Learn (Jun Zhou and John Roth) - $700
“Modeling of Stir Friction Welding Using FLUENT”

Stephen Lester (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $700
“Investigation inTemperature and Current Density Generation in Different Orientations of AA 5083 Alloy”

Nicholas Means (Kurt Rogers) - $700
“Implementation of an FFT Core as a Benchmark for DSP Hardware Implementation Research”

Nathan Myers (Robert Edwards) - $700
“Pressure Drop across a Parallel Plate-Fin Heat Sink”

Shane Shafferman and Matthew Campbell (Wen-Li Wang) - $1,400
“Artificial Intelligence Learning to Solve Nonogram Puzzles”

Nathan Siebert (Russell Warley) - $698
“Test Apparatus Design for Evaluation of Effectiveness of a Thermal Protective Coating for Automotive Components”

Kimberly Tarosky (David Loker and John Roth) - $700
“RF Transmission in Neural Prosthesis”

Samuel Wheat (Kurt Rogers) - $460
“Implementation of a FFT Core as a Benchmark for DSP Hardware Implementation”

Samuel Wheat, Matthew Kenny, and Jared Fatica (Matthew White) - $1,640
“Design of a High-Precision Game Controller for PC and Modern Consoles”




Peter Huizar, Thomas Batko, and Jeffrey Knapp  (Heather Lum, Dawn Blasko, and Ron DelPorto) - $2,100
“The Effects of Confidence and Experience on Programming Code Efficiency and Readability”



Preston Barrett and Andrew Beck (Huan Chen) - $1,393
“Changes in Movie Product Placement”

Nicole Bell, Natalie Corso, and Rachel Hido (Carol Wilson) - $900
“Romantic Relationships and Monetary Discussions”

Robert Fogle, Bryan Fleeson, Alicia McAllister, Christie Leslie, and Erica Edwards (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $3,500
“Research is a Mountain Climb: Comprehending Perceptual Metaphors”

Lindsey Fuller (Nicole Shoenberger) - $700
“Entering, Committing, and Exiting a New Religious Movement: A Case Study of a North American Sect”

Maurina Grandinetti (Heather Lum) - $700
“ An Examinatiion of Perceptual and Interactive Differences between a Live and Virtual Pet Training Scenario”

Megan Harris, Callie Keating, Christine Winkelbauer, and Christina Marie Ayers (Dawn Blasko and Heather Lum) - $2,100
“Visualization and Assessment of Spatial Skills-In Practice and in the Real World”

Callie Keating and Natalie Corso (Shariffah Sheik Dawood) - $1,200
“Women in Leadership: No Longer a Man’s World”

Rachel Latsko (Huan Chen) - $677
“College-Aged Consumers’ Perception toward Social Media Marketing: The Story of Instagram”

Katelyn Marsh and Rebecca Morrison (Dawn Blasko, Victoria Kazmerski, and Shariffa Sheik Dawood) - $1,400
“Workplace Sarcasm: Power and Culture”

Meghan Nee and Mary Havers (Carol Wilson) - $1,400
“Attachment, Social Support, and Pain”



Ahmed Abdelmoneim (James Warren) - $700
“A Study of the Epigenetic Modifiers 5-methyl cytosine and 5-hydroxymethyl cytosine in Zebrafish Embryonic development”

Mohammed Al Shibar (Michael Campbell) - $674
“Treatment of Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) with 1,4-Dimethylnapthalene Alters Gene Expression”

Joshua Armstrong and Jennifer Williams (Michael Campbell and Pamela Silver) - $1,400
“The Effects of Road Salt on the Biodiversity of Bacterial Populations in Three Constructed Wetlands”

Zachary Bauer (Michael Campbell) - $700
“Sequencing of Chloroplast DNA to Determine Phylogenetic Relationships of Solanum spp”

Abigail Braun, Susanne Simkovitch, Sarah Erichson, Michael Feind, and Kaitlin Fairlamb (Matthew Gruwell) - $3,500
“Rhizosphere Microbial Population Dynamics in Response to Organic Concord Grapevine Production”

Allexyss Brown (James Warren) - $700
“Perturbing Folate Metabolism through the Morpholino Knockdown of BHMT in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos”

Alex Campbell and Nichole Joseph (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,400
“Genome Annotation of Brownia rhizoecola

Dan Hoang and Sean Weaver (Beth Potter) - $1,400
“Exploring Bacteria on House Wren Eggs and a Possible Antimicrobial Maintenance Mechanism”

Michael Jaskolka (Michael Campbell) - $692
“Identification of Plants Using the Fingerprinting Genes matK and rbcL”

Samantha Key (Michael Rutter) - $700
“The First Goal Scored: NHL Game Winner or Superstition?”

Phillip Kristufek (Paul Becker and Jen Ulrich) - $575
“Investigation of Blocked Constructions for Binary Error Correction Codes”

Garrett Fiscus (Margaret Voss) - $700
“Photoacceleration of Embryo Development under Different Stimuli of Light”

Heather Jenkins and Kathryn Sauka (Anthony Foyle and Michael Justik) - $1,400
“Water Quality Monitoring of Fourmile and Eightmile Creek, Erie, Pennsylvania”

Lauren Laska (Joe Previte) - $700
“Continuing Work on OCR for Cursive and Script Documents”

Rachel Mercaldo, Katelyn Melvin, and Hasan Khan (Beth Potter) - $2,100
“Determining the Effectiveness of Agion Silver Technology in a Campus Setting”

Austin Sosnowski (Paul Olson) - $700
“The Mathematics of Origami”

Mary Sperry, Kaitlin Pander, and Bryan Bailey (Beth Potter) - $2,100
“Determining the Composition of the Bacterial Flora Found on Purple Martin (Progne subis) eggs”


Samantha Storti (James Warren) - $700
“Genetic Perturbation of Folate Metabolism through Knockdown of Methionine Synthase in Zebrafish”

Thomas Tuberson (Michelle Previte) - $700
“Do Vertex Replacement Rules Generate PCF Self-Similar Sets?”

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