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2014 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships


Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parentheses.



Nicholas Angelo (E. George Walters) - $1,200
“FPGA Test Bed for Measuring Power of FPGA Multipliers Used in FIR Filters”

Austin Baker (Zhifeng Xiao) - $1,200
“Toward a Novel Botnet in iOS”

Donald Bissell (Chetan Nikhare and John Roth) - $1,200
“Protevin-Le Chatelier Phenomenon Analysis in 5083 Aluminum Alloy”

Brendan Burbules (Zhifeng Xiao) - $1,200
“Dissecting Malicious Webpages: Characterization and Evolution”

John Conklin (John Roth) - $1,200
“Electricity and Reduction of Spring Back Deformation”

Daniel Doleiden (Adam Hollinger) - $1,200
“Manufacturing of Methanol Fuel Cells with Heated Lamination Pressing”

Matthew Ihrig (Chetan Nikhare) - $1,200
“Examination of Artificial Planar Anisotropy of AA5083”

Stephen Lester Jr. (Chetan Nikhare) - $1,200
“Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Complex Shapes during Low Pressure Tube Hydroforming”

Matthew McCormick (John Roth, David Loker, and Stephen Strom) - $1,200
“Data Analysis Techniques for a Wear-Monitoring Tool Holder”

Travis Roney (David Loker, John Roth, and Stephen Strom) - $1,186
“RF Path Loss through Skin”

Steven Rose (E. George Walters) - $1,200
“Investigation of New LUT-Based Multiplier for Xilinx FPGAs”

Brandt Ruszkiewicz (John Roth) - $1,200
“Direct Electric Current’s Effect on Springback”

Christopher Scriva (John Roth) - $1,200
“Stir Friction Spot Welding of Steel to Aluminum”



Chelsea Chase (Charisse Nixon) - $1,200
“Peer Mentoring”

Erica Edwards, Cherylann Carter, and Desmond Kane (Victoria Kazmerski and Dawn Blasko) - $3,600
“Understanding Non-Literal Language: Digging for Treasure”

Emily Galeza, Wes Dorrenbacher, and Jessica Dylewski (Heather Lum, Dawn Blasko, and Victoria Kazmerski) - $3,600
“Evaluation of the Impact of Therapy Dogs on Children with Physical, Behavioral, and Emotional Disabilities and in an Educational Setting”

Richard Greatbatch and Jessica Stoker (Melanie Hetzel-Riggin) - $1,600
“Meta-Analysis of Sexual Violence Prevention Program”

Megan Harris and William Shelstad (Dawn Blasko and Heather Lum) - $2,400
“VIZ: New Ways to Assess and Improve Spatial Intelligence”

Matthew Lesnett (Joseph Beilein) - $1,200
“Missouri Guerrillas in the Civil War”

Jessica Stoker, Kyleen Baker, Kayla Beatty, Mary Meckley, Jason Schultz, and Parrish Brown (Carol Wilson) - $3,125
“Behavioral Observation Coding of Romantic Partner Interactions”



Bradley Abramson and Rodney Wells (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $2,400
“Prime Numbers and Factorials”

Issaka Agbere (Jason Bennett) - $1,199
“Electrochemical Deposition of Graphene Oxide to Support Dicyano-Ferriprotoporphyrin for H2S Detection”

Mohammed Al Shibar (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“Amino Acid Analysis of Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) under the Effect of 1,4-Dimethylnapthalene”

Dominick Ali (Mary Grace Galinato) - $1,200
“Probing the Conformational Preferences of Oligourea Monomers in Various Solvents: Applications to Foldamer-Based Catalysis”

Anita Brkic (Michael Justik) - $1,200
“Catalytic Oxidation of Phenylalkanones with a Hypervalent Iodine Phase Transfer Reagent”

Nicholas Burton (Michael Justik) - $700
“Exploration of the Reaction of Novel Alkynyl Iodonium Salts with Phenoxides”

Robert Custer (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Spectroelectrochemical Investigations of Electrodeposited Ferriprotoporphyrin on ITO Optically Transparent Electrodes”

Olivia D’Annibale (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“Investigating the Effects of DMN Treatment by Examining the Changing Gene Expression by QT-PCR”

Aimee Day, Kelly Hedderick, and Laura Wheeler (Beth Potter) - $3,600
“Are Bacteria Transferred from Feathers to Eggs in Purple Martins?”

William Emmel and Kevin Nelen (Papiya Bhattacharjee) - $2,400
“Higher Dimensional Geometry”

Jonathan Fifer (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
“Novel Bis-benzisoxazole 2-Oxides as Metal Coordinating Ligands”

Robert Fogle III (Mary Grace Galinato) - $1,200
“Probing Protoporphyrin IX-Human Serum Albumin Complex for Nitrite Reductase Activity”

Jeanette Girosky (Pamela Silver) - $929
“Relationships among Cyanobacteria and Sediment and Nutrient Load in Presque Isle Bay”

Cody Kindle (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“Characterization of a Methanol Hexafluorobenzene Complex in an Argon Matrix Using Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Nicole Kingston, Michael Knoll, and Nesve Ozsoy (Beth Potter) - $3,577
“Determining Bacterial Populations on Silver-Coated and Non-Coated Door Handles”

Paola Londono Torres (James Warren) - $1,200
“Genetic Knockdown of S-adenosylhomocysteine (Ahcy) in Humans”

Kyler Miller (Matthew Gruwell) - $1,200
“Mitochondrial Genomics of Scale Insects”

Pierre Mott III (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“The Characterization of Germanium Hydride Intermediates Using Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Johnny Rhoads-Lorigan (Michael Justik) - $1,200
“Catalytic Oxidation of Aryl Ethers with a Hypervalent Iodine Phase Transfer Reagent”

Anthony Rodland (Mary Grace Galinato) - $1,200
“Determining the Effect of the Second-Sphere Coordination of Hydrogen-Bonding Network on Myoglobin Nitrite Reductase Activity”

Jacob Roth (Darren Williams) - $1,200
“Computational Orbital Simulations of Planets, Moons, and Asteroids in the Inner Solar System”

Susanne Simkovitch (Jason Bennett) - $1,200
“Computational Modeling of Ferriprotoporphyrin and its Interactions with Pt Surfaces and Cyanide Ligands”

Angelina Sprecher (Alan Jircitano) - $1,200
“Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metals and Lanthanides in Macrocyclic Complexes”

Patryk Szastak (Michael Naber and Anthony Foyle) - $1,194
“Fifteen Years of Beach and Interior Wetland Gains and Losses at Gull Point, Presque Isle State Park, Erie, Pennsylvania”

Stanley Tuznik (Blair Tuttle) - $1,200
“Study of Candidate Defects in Nano-Pourous Amorphous Silicon Carbide”

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