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2004 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships

2004 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships

Each grant lists individual student researcher(s) with respective cooperating faculty member(s) in parenthesis.



Peter Binotto (James Kurre) - $1,200
“Is Erie County Incubating Enough New Businesses”

Michael Hammill (James Kurre) - $1,200 (Graduate Student)
“Is It Worse to be Poor in a Big City?  Spatial Cost of Living Differences and Their Effect on Poverty Thresholds”

Kenneth Schwab (Barry Weller) - $1,200
“Seasonal Adjustment of Erie County Employment Data”

Ross Zambanini (James Kurre) - $1,200
“Erie Bankruptcy Pattern Compared to the Nation”



Arizona Alburg (Thomas Briselden) - $1,190
“Material Optimization Using a Homogeneous Mixture of Silicon, Silicon Carbide, and Phenolic Resin”

Andrew Deter (Oladipo Onipede and James Sonnenmeier ) - $1,200
“Aerodynamic Performance of SMA Twisted Airfoil Sections”

Jared Heigel (John Roth) - $1,200
”Analysis of Electrically Aided Machining Processes”

Kristopher Parrish (Thomas Briselden) - $1,200
“Formation of SpyroCor Inserts without Using a Mold”

Joseph Piazza (John Roth) - $1,200
“Analysis of Cryogenic Treatment of Carbide Inserts with Respect to Material Properties"


Jacqueline Cavicchio (Sean Dougherty and George Looney) - $1,161
“Children’s Literature Co-Authored by Toni Morrison”
John Crane, Eric Johnson, and Holly Blasko-Drabik (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $3,600
“Examining High and Low Working Memory: An ERP Study of Spatial and Verbal Working Memory”

Kristin Dressner, Allison Dzuricky, and Mathew Peters (Leigh-Ann Bedal) - $3,600
“The Petra Garden and Pool-Complex Excavation (Jordan)”

Erin Ferguson and Jessica Knapp (Dawn Blasko and Karolina Niedobecka) - $2,400
“An Evaluation of the Math Options Program”

Rebecca Gordon (Dawn Blasko) - $1,200
“The Effects of Working Memory Capacity on Change Detection”

Lisa Jacobs (Victoria Kazmerski) - $1,200
“Context Dependent Memory: Memory for Advertisements”

Nicole Kramer (Dean Baldwin) - $1,200
“London: Hero or Anti-Hero in Victorian and Romantic Literature”

Lorie Lannen (Dean Baldwin) - $1,200
“Investigating the Controversy in the US and the UK Surrounding the Author J. K. Rowling and Her Harry Potter Series of Books”

Seraina Naef (Charisse Nixon) - $1,200
“Protective Factors for Adolescent Bullying: Extracurricular Activities and Normative Beliefs”

Denise Nowacinski (Charisse Nixon) - $1,200
“Protective Factors for Adolescent Bullying: Extracurricular Activities and Normative Beliefs”

Dotty Shaffer and Chrissy Anderson (Dawn Blasko and Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,400
“Utilizing ERP to Analyze Directionality and Similarity in Metaphor Comprehension”

Jon Stafford and Michael Pontzer (Victoria Kazmerski) - $2,100
“Authority Influence on False Recall”

Carolyn Tellers (George Looney) - $1,200
“In Search of King Arthur”

Joshua Wilczynski (John Gamble) - $1,200
“Comprehensive Statistical Database of Multilateral Treaties”

Kyle Woodside (Rod Troester and Cathy Mester) - $850
“A Critical Examination of Existing Research in Theories of Communication and Civility”



Sheldon Bailey (Bruce Wittmershaus) - $1,200
“Thin-Film, Multiple-Dye Luminescent Solar Concentrators Based on Lumogen Red”

Lee Beers (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“In-Situ Hybridization and Real-Time Quantitative PCR Analysis of RD22”

Stephanie Benson and Jared McFarland (Lisa Mangel) - $6,227 (Special Project)
“Avian Population/Habitat Assessment for Presque Isle State Park”

Charlotte Boni (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“Microarray Analysis of Dormancy in Potato Meristems”

Jessica Collier (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“The Characterization of Silicon Nitride Intermediates Using a Microwave Discharge Source and Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy”

Jason Creps (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
“Subcloning of 3 Zebrafish Fragile X Related Protein Genes into Bacterial Expression Vectors for Protein Purification”

Dominick D’Aurora (Darren Williams) - $1,200
“Porting the SWIFT Subroutine Package from FORTRAN 77 to C and Animating Orbits Using IDL”

Erik Gilford (Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
“The Effects of PCB on the Respiration of the Hatchlings during the Frenzy Period”

John Lapek Jr. (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
“Sequencing of Folate Metabolism Genes in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”

Timothy Lyon (Pamela Silver and Anthony Foyle) - $884
“Chironomid Response to Sediment in Presque Isle Bay as an Assessment of Bay Health”

Elizabeth Marton (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
“Synthesis and Ring Opening of 3-Alkoxy and 3-Amino-2-Isoxazoles”

Sam Marvit (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“The Effect of Urban Noise on Breeding Behavior and Reproductive Successes in Songbirds”

Floyd Mattie (Michael Campbell) - $1,200
“Analysis of Microsatellite Diversity of Ambystoma maculatum using Fluorescent Microsatellite Tagging”

Lee Mitchell (Meng Su) - $1,200
“Optimization of the R-Tree Data Structures’ Splitting Algorithm”

Emily Morse (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“The Roles of Rank, State, and Seasonal Considerations on Caching Behavior in Black-Capped Chickadees”

Stacy Mosier (James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
“Sequencing and Characterization of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Folate Metabolism Gene Implicated in Neural Tube Defects”

Thomas Moyer (David Hunnicutt and James Warren Jr.) - $1,200
“The Importance of Gliding Motility for Flavobacterium johnsoniae Pathogenesis in Zebrafish”

Ryan Odell (Darren Williams) - $1,200
“Consequences of Interplanetary Collisions between Terrestrial Planets and Jovian Satellite Systems”

Katie Ortmann (Thomas Spudich) - $1,200
“Multielemental Analysis of Snapping Turtles Collected from Erie County, Pennsylvania by Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy”

Melissa Peters (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“The Impact of Noise Disturbance on Reproductive Fitness in Black-Capped Chickadees”

Thaddeus Ruefthaler (Meng Su) - $1,150
“Examining the M-Tree Data Structure and Modifying for Efficiency”

Jessica Sarver (Thomas Spudich) - $1,200
“Multielemental Analysis of Snapping Turtles Collected from Erie County, Pennsylvania by Hydride Generation and Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry”

Nancy Saxton (Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“The Characterization of Titanium Nitride Intermediates Using a Microwave Discharge Source and Matrix-Isolation Infrared Sprectroscopy”

Nancy Saxton (Thomas Spudich and Jay Amicangelo) - $1,200
“Kinetic Study of Photochromic Pt(II) Compounds of o-Aminobenzaldehyde Derivatives”

Daniel Scannell (Blair Tuttle) - $1,197
“Educational Chaos Theory Java Applet”

Dennis Scheuer (Paul Barney) - $1,200
“Development of the Herbarium of the Arboretum at Penn State Behrend”

Daniel Slomski (G. William Baxter III) - $1,200
“Mathematical Determination of Ant Search Dynamics”

Kayla Smith (Jeanette Schnars) - $1,200
“Relationship between Cheyldra serpentina serpentina and Species of Hirudinea”

Nicholas Straub (Martin Kociolek) - $1,200
“The Investigation of Novel Ring-Opening Methods of 3-Bromo-2-Isoxazoles with Samarium (II) Iodide”

Kyle Szklenski (Blair Tuttle) - $1,200
“Analyzing the Route to Chaos Displayed in Non-Linear Systems”

Amanda Wolbert (Mary Chisholm) - $1,200
“The Identification of Major Odorants in Murcott (Honey) Tangerine Juice Using Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GC-O) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)”

Kala Wolfe (Margaret Voss) - $1,200
“The Effect of Localized Environmental Warming on Breeding Tree Swallows at Long Point Bird Observatory”

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