Sleeping Bag Weekends Offer Sneak Peek at College Life

Choosing a college is kind of like buying a new car. You look for one that fits your needs and personality, whether you’re looking for comfort and practicality, or want something exciting and flashy. Either way, the most important part is that it gets you where you want to go and that and you enjoy the ride.

Sleeping Bag Weekends Offer Sneak Peek at College Life

An ice-breaker helps prospective students LEGO the idea that they can't "test drive" Penn State Behrend.

Not everyone gets the chance to “test drive” a college before choosing one, but about a dozen high school students did just that at Penn State Behrend’s Sleeping Bag Weekend held Feb. 10-11. The program is designed to give students who have been offered admission to the college a first-hand look at what it’s really like to be a Penn State Behrend student.

“This program allows students to explore the college beyond what they would be able to at a typical open house or campus visit,” said admissions counselor Felicia Presley. “It gives them an opportunity to experience life as a student on campus and helps them to decide whether or not Penn State Behrend is the right fit for them.”

During the two-day event, prospective students participated in on-campus activities aimed at introducing them to other students, faculty, staff, and the campus. They had the opportunity to attend classes, eat in the campus dining halls, and stay overnight in the residence halls with a host student. Sleeping Bag Weekend coincided with Penn State Behrend’s Admissions Open House on Feb. 11, so students were also able to participate in Open House activities to cap off the weekend.

Presley said the student response to the event was very positive. “One student said in their evaluation that everyone was so nice, and their host student was so welcoming, that this pretty much sealed the deal on them coming to Behrend.”

Ashley Delbridge traveled seven hours from Brooklyn, N.Y., to participate in Sleeping Bag Weekend.

“I thought it would be a good way to see if this is the right environment for me. Being from a big city I want to go someplace different, but feel comfortable at the same time,” she said. “So far I really like it here. It’s different than what I’m used to but all the people are very friendly and the campus is really nice.”

Danny Johnston of Moon, Pa., came to Sleeping Bag Weekend with a friend who also is considering Penn State Behrend. “We thought this would be a good way to see what it’s like to be a college student for a day,” he said. “So far it seems really nice and I really like the campus. I will probably end up going here.”

This was one of two Sleeping Bag Weekends to be held at Penn State Behrend this year; the next one scheduled for March 30-31. For information about the event, contact the Penn State Behrend Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 814-898-6100 or toll-free 866-374-3378.