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Record Messages


Call Answer is when your telephone is busy or not answered and the call goes to your voice mail.

Direct Messaging is leaving a message in the mailbox of an individual without speaking to them or listening to the phone ring.

Set Call Answer

  1. Go to your voice mail (VM).
  2. Press 1 at the menu.
  3. Record your message.
  4. Press # to approve or 1 to re-record. Address the VM number, press # when you have finished. Repeat these steps for additional VM boxes.
  5. When you are through with these steps, press # to approve. You can then press # again to send or 0 for options. (Press 1 for private message; your message becomes a private message and cannot be forwarded. Press 2 for a priority message; a message is presented before other messages, to change the status back to non-priority press 2 again.)
  6. Press 3 to schedule delivery up to one year. Enter the hour of delivery, for example, 2:05 (1 or 2 digits for the hour and 2 digits for the minutes). Press A for AM and P for PM. Press # after this is completed.
  7. Press month and date, at this time, to deliver on a certain date. For example, for August 29th you will need to press 829 (date requires 1 or 2 digits for the month and always 2 digits for the day). Press # after this is completed. The system will repeat the date and time to you. To approve, press #, or to delete, press *D.


Direct Messaging

  1. Dial 82 and wait for the announcement that you have reached the message desk. Put in the Voice Mail # you wish to leave a message for. You can leave a message just like your call/answer message.


Transfer a Call to a Voice Mail Box

  1. Press transfer or flash, 82, when you hear the beginning of the announcement.
  2. Put in the 4-digit number. When you hear the beginning of the greeting, press transfer or flash again, to release yourself.
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