Directory Assistance


 For complete dialing instructions, please refer to the front pages of your Behrend Directory.

On-campus Calls

Faculty/Staff telephone numbers begin with an 898 exchange.  Student telephone numbers begin with a 217 exchange.

When dialing a faculty/staff or student number on campus you can use the four-digit extension only. When giving a number out or calling a number from off campus or cell phone, you must dial the seven-digit number.


Local Calls

9-Phone Number


Out Of Town Direct Calls

9-1-Area Code-Phone Number

If you are having difficulty calling long distance from on campus, your phone may not be set up to make long distance calls, or the area code is so new that it is not yet programmed into the Behrend switch.  In such a case, call the Switchboard Operator.

NO long distance calls can be placed from any on-campus resident phone; calling cards must be used, unless it is a toll-free number.


International Direct Calls

9-011-Country Code-City Code-Phone Number


Operator Assisted International Calls

9-01-Country Code-City Code-Phone Number


International Rate and Instructions (AT&T)


You may want to use the following reference to help determine the country and city codes for placing international calls:


Phone Books

There are three directories distributed on campus: Behrend, University Park, and Verizon/Talking Phone Book.

The directories are for campus use only and are not to be removed from campus or given to outside organizations or students.

Behrend Directories are distributed once a year at the beginning of the Fall Semester. University Park and Verizon directories are distributed once a year between October and November.

To change your information in the Behrend or University Park directories, please call Human Resources at 898-7233.

To request replacement directories, please call Operations at 898-6000.