Mailing Instructions

Inter-office Mail

Please address inter-office mail with the name of the person you are sending the mail to and the department. To assure proper delivery, be sure to cross off the previous name/department on all inter-office envelopes. Please dispose of any tattered and torn envelopes.

If you are mailing to on-campus students, refer to the Student Mailbox List.


University Park Mail

UP mail must be fully addressed. Large packages and large envelopes are sent as first class mail by the Mail Room. Smaller envelopes are boxed and sent as one large package each day. You can use inter-office envelopes as long as you put the full address in the address area. The mails are sorted as incoming mail at University Park and must have the proper address.

We can all save money if we send documents electronically and by fax whenever possible.


All Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail must have a departmental budget number on it for processing. You can write it, stamp or print it on your envelopes. For packages you can place the budget number between the return address and postage area, or print it with your return address label. If you have a large mailing under 100 pieces, you may bundle the pieces together and place the budget information securely on the top piece of mail.



All letters must have the proper USPS address as well as a return address on them.  Please check, before doing a large mailing, to see if your mailing can be printed and sent as a bulk mailing. There is a significant cost savings in using bulk mail processing (these Bulk Labels are printed with zip+4 and pre-sorted).


United States Postal Service Packages

Packages must be properly prepared for mailing according to the USPS guidelines with a full address and return address. If you have large packages to be shipped, please notify the Mail Service Dept (x6494) for the pickup.

Any perishable packages must be reported to Mail Services for proper handling.


Departmental Package Viewing/Acceptance

Incoming package(s) for your department that are in the Mailroom can be viewed by the Department by going online at:

Only the person responsible for accepting packages for their department must go online to the 'Acceptance Site' (given only to the proper accepting people to sign for them automatically when the package(s) arrive with their department's mail. If the system is down that person will have to sign a paper form for the package(s) upon receiving them.) Once you sign for a package, it becomes your responsibility.