Behrend's Best Awards

Each year faculty, staff and students have an opportunity to nominate a Penn State Behrend staff member for the "Behrend's Best" Award. Sponsored by the Janet Neff Sample Center for Manners and Civility, the award recognizes a staff member who lives the civility values and enriches our campus in doing so.
Nominations are submitted each spring. A selection committee of staff members, including previous winners, read the nominations and select award recipients. Winners are announced at the Spring Staff Development luncheon.


Behrend's Best Awards: Recipient List

Year Name Department
Fall 2007 Sue Nielsen
Carol Tobin
Registrar’s Office
Spring 2008 Jane Brady
Matthew Smith
Financial Aid
Fall 2008 Betty Hamilton
Brenda Bane
Student Affairs
Spring 2009 Sandra Taccone
​Jerry Kutz
School of Engineering
Fall 2009 Andrea Konkol
​Becky Faulhaber
Registrar’s Office
Spring 2010 Debbie Tromans
​Christa Morris
Housing and Food Services
Student Activities
Fall 2010  Carol Peterson
Jessica Skelton-Wolfe
Spring 2011 Sue Daley
Linda Fryer
Personal Counseling
Academic and Career Planning Center
Fall 2011 Bev DiNicola
Linda Kaleta
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Personal Counseling
Fall 2012 ​Amy Wittman
Brian Streeter
School of Science
Spring 2014 Michelle Brown
Mary Tuzynski
Office of Disability Services
Human Resources
Spring 2015 Bobbie Peters
Sherry Cooley-Johnson
School of Business
School of Engineering
Spring 2016 Jerry Magraw
​Terri Mando
School of Science
Academic and Career Planning Center