Course Packets

All course packets must be sold in the Penn State Behrend Bookstore and require copyright clearance regardless of content. Heidi Savage, manager of the bookstore, will submit your finalized course packet to Penn State's Copyright Clearance Office for approval.

Copyright clearance can take up to 12 weeks. In order for CMC to produce course packets on time, we recommend that your materials be submitted to the bookstore by the middle of the semester prior to when they are needed. When your course packet is ready, drop it off at the bookstore and complete the necessary paperwork. Specificy how your packet should be reproduced; i.e. one- or two-sided, binding type, shrink-wrapped, etc.

When your course packet receives copyright approval, CMC will be notified and we will reproduce your packet according to your instructions. Completed packets will be delivered to the bookstore. Instuctor copies and originals will be sent to you.