Audiovisual Services

Equipment Loans

CMC maintains a large inventory of audiovisual equipment in support of academic and related programs.

Faculty and staff may sign out this equipment for use in conjunction with projects.

We encourage faculty members to submit a list of all equipment they may need by the middle of the semester prior to when it is needed.

Equipment requests can be made by calling the Equipment Request line at x6286 or online through the Equipment Request form. Be sure to complete all fields on the form.

When appropriate a CMC staff member will deliver and set up equipment in the classroom.

Please allow 24 hours notice to ensure that your request can be accommodated.

Equipment Malfunctions

All CMC equipment undergoes routine maintenance but problems occasionally occur.

Report equipment malfunctions requiring immediate attention by calling x6121. Please be sure to state nature of the problem and the building and room number where the malfunctioning equipment is located.

For problems that do not require immediate repair call x6116.

You may also want to view our equipment operating tips.

Equipment Training

Proper operation of audiovisual equipment ensures a better presentation.

CMC staff will be happy to familiarize you with the use of equipment and the operation of technology classrooms.

Equipment orientation sessions are conducted at the beginning and middle of semesters. One-on-one training sessions may be scheduled at any time by calling x6121.

Media Duplication

CMC offers duplication of both audio and video CDs, DVDs, and tapes.

Simply drop off your materials to be dubbed at the CMC office and complete a work order. Media duplications are performed in accordance with current copyright laws. Dubs may be picked up the following day.