Event Signage

Event Signage

Guidelines for requesting events signage (located at campus entrance and/or tennis courts):

  • Requesters will order signs and indicate the display period through CollegeNet just as they do to reserve rooms.
  • Requesters will continue to submit work orders in the Maximo system for installation and removal of signs by M&O.
  • Requests for signs and sign space must be made at least one week in advance of the date the sign is to be displayed.
  • After display of a given sign, M&O will return it to CMC, where it will be kept for any possible future use.
  • Sign space must be reserved in CollegeNet and a work order submitted for sign installation and removal even in the case of recurring events in which an existing sign is to be reused.
  • Outside groups holding events on campus will be required to follow these same guidelines, so anyone involved in reserving rooms or providing other services to such groups will be responsible for reserving signage for these groups as well. (As a reminder: Outside groups must also complete required indemnification paperwork through the Human Resources office.)

To reserve space and request signage:

  • In CollegeNet, requesters will choose “Event Signs—Campus Entrance” and/or “Event Signs—Tennis Courts.” Requesters will notice each of these location options is further designated as 1, 2 and 3, indicating sign spaces available on the given structure.
  • Requesters will be required to fill in several fields related specifically to signage, including copy to be placed on the sign, and display start and end times.
  • Each sign will have a capacity of just 22 characters (including spaces) on two lines, so copy must be limited to the shortest description of the event possible.
  • To reserve space/request a sign for a given event in both structures (Campus Entrance and Tennis Courts), it will be necessary to submit separate reservation requests. (Doing a "multiple" request for space—that is, requesting space for both structures at the same time—may result in an incorrect directional arrow being used on one of the two requested signs.)

If you have any questions, please contact Ken at x6121 or kcm21@psu.edu.