AV Equipment Tips

Data Projector Lamps

Data projectors contain a special high-intensity lamp that requires a short warm-up period (approx. 30 sec). If the operator turns the projector on and off too quickly during the warm-up period the unit will enter into a safety mode and the image will not be projected for several minutes.

The projector should be turned off only with the hand-held remote or by pressing the power button located on the projector's top panel. Data projector models will prompt the user via a small pop-up window at the bottom of the screen to power down by pressing the OFF button on the remote twice. Failing to press the OFF button twice will result in the projector turning itself back on after a short delay and substantially lower the lamp's life.

Overhead Projector Lamps

Many classroom projectors have a built-in spare lamp feature. To activate the spare lamp, locate a slide-bar at the top-front panel of the projector. Slide the bar to the opposite side from the failed lamp position.

Some beige model projectors have a slide lever located on the rear panel that will activate the spare lamp. Please notify CMC if you experience any difficulties.

Projection Screens

Many classrooms contain multiple screens of varying sizes. However, all screens operate in the same manner regardless of size.

Screens should be pulled down no further than the size of the projected image. An overextended screen may not retract. If the screen will not retract, grip the center of the pull bar at the bottom of the screen and give it a quick but gentle tug. This action should release the mechanism and allow the screen to retract.

Slide Projectors

All slide projectors are auto-focus types, with some models having a control panel switch to activate/deactivate this feature. For most uses it is recommended that this feature be on. Initial focusing of the first couple slides should be adequate for clear viewing of the remaining slides. Slides with warped, creased, or frayed mounts will likely result in focusing or jamming problems.

To properly insert a slide in the carousel, hold the slide near a light source orienting it to allow normal viewing. Then rotate the slide 180 degrees (upside-down) and insert into the carrousel's slot. The carrousel's retaining ring must be threaded on to eliminate jamming or forced ejection of slides.

Technology Classroom Podiums

All technology classroom podiums are key accesed. Faculty may sign-out a key for the entire semester at the CMC office in 11 Erie Hall. Your key will access all technology classroom podiums including both lecture hall cabinets.

All technology classroom computers have access to the Internet and the campus network and its established programs. Please contact CMC immedately concerning any software problems or special programming concerns by calling x6121.