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There are a variety of ways to learn new software.  For example, you can use the online video tutorials, attend seminars (in person or via Meeting@PennState), and use the software learning guides.


Online Video Tutorials

A great resource for faculty, staff, and students are the video tutorials from Inc.  PSU has a University-wide site license for these tutorials which may be accessed via  They are available at no cost to PSU faculty, staff and students.  The tutorials include a wide variety of topics and can be accessed 24/7.


Faculty/Staff Seminars at Behrend

Computer training for general topics (Office, Thunderbird, Dreamweaver, listservs, etc.) is provided to faculty and staff via seminars or one-on-one training.  The group seminars are announced using the Behrend Employee Listserv.  Requests for individual training or group seminars may be requested via the Computer Center’s work order form.

For more information about seminars or one-on-one training, contact the Web Developer/Trainer.


Seminars at University Park

ITS Training Services at University Park offers several different avenues for training for faculty, staff, and students: seminars, video tutorials, and software guides.  The seminars are usually given in State College and/or via Meeting@PennState.  (Meeting@PennState refers to Adobe Connect, a desktop conferencing application which allows you to virtually attend or participate in seminars, meetings, etc.)  Seminars may also be recorded and are archived at ITS Training Services.  Typically, information about ITS seminars is forwarded to the Behrend Employee Listserv.  For the most current information or to register for ITS seminars, visit ITS Training Services.


Software Learning Guides

Both Behrend and University Park have guides for learning various software applications.

Behrend's training guides provide step-by-step instructions for learning a software application and are available for download at the Software Learning Guides web site.

University Park training guides may be viewed and downloaded from the ITS Training Services web site.

In addition, Penn State has a site license with Indiana University for training guides and exercise files.  Due to the site license stipulations, faculty and staff must request copies through Behrend’s Copy and Multimedia Center (CMC). Please visit the college's training site for more information as well as details about the usage guidelines regarding these documents.

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