FAQ for Calendar and Email Migration

Please Note:  Students and Retired\Emeritus Faculty are NOT included in the email migration.


Details and instructions for what to do on migration day will be updated regularly...please check back.

DO NOT use any PSU email or Calendar after 5 PM Monday Jan 23 until 8 AM January 24th.

  • Oracle Users
  1. Print your Calendar for the week of January 23.
  2. Starting on Jan 24, you will be able to look at your Oracle calendar, but you will not be able to make changes, use for reference only.
  3. On Jan 24, your UCS calendar should have imported your events, but not your security settings.  People who manage other users calendars must have the owner of the calender delegate permissions to do so.  This can be done in Outlook or the web client.  Instructions will be posted below soon.
  4. If you manage other people calenders,  you may want to combine or overlay multiple people calenders in one or two calenders for ease of scheduling.  This is easy, but there are many options, and you may need to experiment to see what is best for you.  Reserve an hour to experiment and test.
  • Current Outlook Users
  1. If you rely on filters to process your inbox, they must be exported to a file and saved so they can be imported back in on the 24th.  If you do not export them prior to Tuesday, they will be lost.  Click here for instructions on exporting filters.
  • Current Thunderbird Users
  1. Document your filters and signature, they will be lost in the conversion.  Signatures are much easier.  Instructions to add are below in Tips.  Thunderbird users should not file any messages after Friday Jan 20th at 5PM, as all messages after this time must be forwarded to yourself that morning and will appear  in Outlook Inbox on Tuesday.


  • Email and Calendaring can be accessed in 4 ways:
  1. From your on-campus workstation or on-campus laptop using IT-staff-configured Microsoft Outlook
  2. From your home system or non-networked laptop using the new web based email client (http://ucs.psu.edu) which replaces WebMail
  3. Self configured Thunderbird or other email client
  4. Mobile phone (iPhone or Android)


What do you need to do after Jan 24th at 8 a.m.????

Quick Links: Select instructions that best apply to you...

Current Outlook or Thunderbird user
Current Webmail user
My email goes to Google user
What about my mobile phone?
MAC user
I won't be on campus Jan 23 or 24

Calendar delegation


Dedicate time the morning of Jan 24 to verify your email and calendar are functional


Instructions for Outlook and previous Thunderbird users

IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS, email can be sent and received at http://ucs.psu.edu

Verify your newly configured email client is functional with the following steps which will be in the onscreen message (pst.log) on your campus computer:  Complete all steps (1 thru 19) to finalize email configuration for UCS email.

Email Verification

1. Open the Outlook or Thunderbird email client you used prior to Jan 24th

2. Check your email and export your Outlook filters (if you have any)..click here for instructions to export filters

3. (For Thunderbird users only) - Select and forward all messages that are marked after 5PM Friday January

4. Close Outlook or Thunderbird


Initialize and Complete UCS Mail Migration

5. Open the "UCS Migration folder on your computer desktop

6. Run the "Start Email Migration to UCS" file

7. Open Microsoft Outlook

8. You will be prompted for your access account password: Please enter your password: (the email address field should ONLY have your userid - not your full email address)

9. Outlook will load your UCS mail. (This may take several minutes).  You will not yet see your folder structure as it was prior to Jan 24, 2012.  To access your previous email...please choose the following:  (if no location is present in your onscreen message [see contents circled in red in example below] then please skip to step 10)

FILE --> OPEN --> OPEN OUTLOOK DATA FILE --> then enter and choose the location(s) at the bottom of your onscreen message (see figure below as an example). If you have multiple locations below, you will need to complete this step for each location.








10. Start a new email message to yourself
11. Press signature on top ribbon to create a new signature and add it to your new messages and replys

12. Send the email

13. Close Outlook (very important to close Outlook at this step)


Contacts (Address Book)

14. Open Outlook

15. Find your important contacts in the list of contact folders...highlight and drag these important contacts to the "Contact- UCS" folder (see example below )



Filters and Spam - Enables Outlook to manage all filters and spam

16. Go to UCS Tab at the top of Outlook --> Click Advanced icon--->enable the check box for "Enable local rules" (see example)


17. Go to UCS tab ---> click on UCS Server Rules ---> clear the checkbox for Spam Control: Level5 and clear the checkbox for Spam Control:Level 4. (Spam control will be addressed by Outlook client rather than the UCS settings.) (see example)



18. Import your previously exported filters (if you had any)

19Close Outlook - (very important to close Outlook at this step)

- (Feature which fills in the destination email address when you type the first few letters)
19. Go to the UCS Migration folder on your desktop and double click on the icon "Autocomplete for Outlook" - Wait until this window closes.  If this takes more than 5 minutes..please reboot.
20. Open Outlook

Your are finished with your Email conversion!

Outlook Notes: Where is my email located in Outlook? - Two Areas for Mail

You will now have two locations for mail.

1. UCS - Your Full Name

All Future mail will be delivered to this location
All mail in this location will be available to other Andriod and IPhone/Pan devices, UCS web mail, and home other computers you may work with.
There is a  GB size limit to this data, there is to be a three month grace period before you you will be asked to pay a small monthly fee for overages


2. UserID_Behrend , or the name of the outlook file you just imported'

This area has Inbox, Sent, folders, but they will no longer receive mail.
This area will hold your mail prior to Jan 24th.
If you were using Thunderbird on Monday, your converted Thunderbird mail will all be here.
This mail is local and will not be exposed to UCS Web Mail, IPhone/Pad, or Android devices.
There is no size limit to this area.


Webmail only users and MAC users

  • Go to http://ucs.psu.edu..for your email.   Webmail will no longer receive any new email.
  • If you go to Webmail.psu.edu you will see the following screen ...please choose UCS
  • Webmail
  • Only use http://ucs.psu.edu for future email.
  • Email prior to Jan 24 will be migrated by University Park staff from Webmail to UCS by Jan 27th.  Mail will appear in the following location (see example below)
  • Webmail Migrated
  • MAC users will be contacted by IT staff to make arrangements to access email previous to Jan 24.

Self-configured Thunderbird, Google, or other configurations

Thunderbird configuration instructions -http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1648

Email previously configured to be forwarded to Google or other email provider:

  • You will need to reset your forwarding address with the following instructions
    In your Internet Browser, navigate to https://www.work.psu.edu
  • Click "Change your e-mail forwarding address"
  • In the box to the right of the text, "Forwarding Address:" insert youruserid@yourgoogleorotheremailaddress


Mobile Phone -

  • Please follow the quick configuration instructions:
  1. iPhone- http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1641
  2. Android based phones- http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1642.


I will not be on campus the morning of Jan 24...What should I do?
- Users who will not have their usual network based laptop on campus or users who not have access to their desktop computer will need to use the UCS web client at http://ucs.psu.edu.....until they bring their laptop on campus.  Once your laptop is back on campus it will display the necessary instructions with an onscreen message.  All new email (after Jan 23) will be available in the UCS web client.  Old email can be referenced in your existing mail client (but new email cannot be checked with the existing client)...until your system connects on campus and receives the necessary updates.


  • Please check this checkbox so you do not see this warning again.


Outlook Tips


  • Signatures
    • If you are new to Outlook, you will not have a signature.   You can easily create multiple signatures... formal, internal, short.
      • Start a new mail message, from the MESSAGE tab, select SIGNATURE. Select NEW to create and save your new signature.  You will see the option to select a default signature.
  • Templates
    • Your existing templates should have been imported into the xxx_behrend section.  Open the template, do a 'save as' and change the type of document to 'Outlook Template'.  More to come..
  • From and BCC
    • By default, From and BCC will not be visible.  Go to Options tab, Show FROM or BCC.
  • Export Existing Outlook Rules



Save to a location you can easily find after the conversion.

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  • How much Space Am I using on UCS? Click the UCS Ribbon, and Mailbox Quota


Calendar Delegation


All permission on calendar have been reset, so if you want others to manage and see detains of your calendar:

1.  Choose Calendar from bottom left of Outlook

2. Choose Folder, Calendar Properties, Sharing.

3.  Press Add, Choose Internal,Type userID, Choose To at the bottom.

4. Choose the level of permission for the chosen UserID

5. Ignore this message, the process is done.


To View a Shared Calendar with Outlook

1)      Open a Web Browser and navigate to http://ucs.psu.edu

2)      Login using your UserID and Password
3)      Click on the Calendar tab
4)      Click on the Find Shares link

5)      Type the full email address of the shared calendar in the Find Shares box.
6)      Click Search

7)      Check the box next to Calendar
8)      Click Add