Liquid Silicone Rubber Technology- July 2017

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Course Date: 
Jul 26 2017 - 8:00am to Jul 27 2017 - 4:30pm
$1 210
Brad Johnson plus 4 experts from the LSR industry
Educational Goals: 

Learn the dos and don’ts when injection molding silicone rubber.  A broad review of available technology for materials, part design, mold design, feed systems, and molding machines will be presented by a select group of industry experts.  Break-out sessions will include demos and/or hands on experience with setting up the molding process, operating feed systems, and using mold filling simulation.

Who should Attend: 

Processors, product designers, mold designers, or anyone involved in, or considering becoming involved in, the production of injection molded silicone parts will benefit from attending this workshop.

Course Outline: 

This course will split time between the classroom and demonstrations of the processing equipment.  Part and mold design considerations as well as processing will be reviewed. An overview of equipment used as well as molding strategies specific to liquid silicone rubber (LSR) will be provided.

  • LSR Material Overview
  • Molding Machine Considerations
  • The Material Feed System
  • The Mold
  • Process Set-up and Troubleshooting
  • Using LSR Molding Simulation
  • Panel Discussion of Case Studies