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Meet Erin

ErinHometown: Erie, Pa.

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Campus activities: Women's Tennis, Theta Phi Alpha, VIZ (student research group), THON (helps kids with cancer)

Interests: NASCAR racing, tennis, relaxing and hanging out with friends

Favorite Book: The Giver

Favorite Movie: Wayne’s World, because my sister and I used to watch it all the time and we could never stop laughing!

What’s one thing you could not live without? My phone. It's my life line to everyone, and even when I just walk from one part of campus to the next, I usually call someone.

Why did you choose Penn State Behrend? I felt it was the best place for my major and knowing that I could play tennis at Behrend also was a big plus for me.

What other colleges did you apply to? I didn't apply anywhere else. I knew I wanted to go here.

What do you like best about being a student here? There's always something to do, and there is never a boring moment. With more than 110 clubs and organizations on campus, there is no excuse for being bored.

What do you think about living on campus? It is awesome. I have formed so many close friendships through living on campus that I know will last forever.

What’s your favorite food from Bruno’s or Dobbins Dining Hall? The pasta line is the best because it is made right in front of you and you can ask them to only put in the ingredients you want.

What is there to do for fun outside of class at Behrend? I go to a lot of sporting events. Some clubs and organizations will bring bands, like the All American Rejects, The Clarks, and comedians, too. I personally love the location of our campus. We are close to the Millcreek Mall, the movie theaters, and Splash Lagoon (an indoor water park).

What advice do you have for students who are looking for colleges? Just go with your gut. I knew that Behrend was the right place for me from my first step on campus. Also don't feel bad if you are unsure what major to go into. I switched majors, as well, once I got my feet wet and discovered what I wanted to do.

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