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Strategic Goals

Develop new academic programs

To meet the needs of 21st century students and our region while growing enrollment

We have a good portfolio of programs. To grow to the next level, we will need to:

  • Add new and reinvigorate existing degree programs.
  • Re-imagine the role of general education,
    reflecting theme and certificate-based areas of study.
  • Implement increasingly flexible scheduling patterns.
  • Revitalize recruitment and retention practices.
  • Foster partnerships with other Penn State campuses.

Increase funded research and outreach

To enhance the regional economy and attract business to northwestern Pennsylvania

Our capabilities are underutilized and faculty research impact limited. To grow, we will need to:

  • Build relevant sponsored research support services.
  • Re-evaluate the college’s incentive/reward system.
  • Strengthen undergraduate research and global learning opportunities,
    matching college, faculty, and staff mutual interests.
  • Collaborate with industry, government, and university partners.
  • Focus on areas of faculty expertise and regional need.
  • Leverage Knowledge Park, implementing “open lab" concepts
    that bring together faculty, student, and corporate researchers.

Realize the potential of Penn State

Through the development of a mutually beneficial collaboration with other campuses in the system

Optimize the use of campus

Taking advantage of existing capacity to support student success and enrollment growth

With more than 800 acres and 1 million square feet under roof, we have a campus infrastructure rivaling that of much larger instructions. It can be better utilized:

  • For adult and non-traditional students
  • On evenings and weekends
  • During the summer months
  • Through Knowledge Park
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