Group Tutoring

Guided Study Groups (GSG) are collaborative learning communities associated with challenging first- and second-year courses.  These study sessions are guided by undergraduate peers who have previously taken and met success in the identified courses.  Anyone enrolling in one of the courses may participate in these sessions at no additional charge.  All group leaders will work with you to review course material and help you master related concepts.  They will assist you with problem-solving and the development of critical thinking skills.  They will also share study strategies to help you achieve your goals for the course.


Exam Prep Sessions (EPS) differ from Guided Study Groups as they are offered in the days leading up to each exam for the course, instead of continuously throughout the semester.  Again, these sessions are led by undergraduate peers who have succeeded in the course and are pursuing degrees in a related field.


Guided Study Groups and Exam Prep Sessions are offered for a variety of foundation courses each semester.  The schedule will change as a result of enrollment and attendance.  Specific course information is updated each semester on TutorTrac, and the available sessions will appear in yellow (multi-person class or group) when you search for a particular course that offers GSG or EPS.

Please contact the Learning Resource Center, if you have any other questions.