ACPC Services for Incoming Students

Student in front of Junker

Knowing what career path you want to take does not come easily for some people, especially for students who are new to college. It can take time and personal exploration before you discover your interests and talents and how to translate those into a career. The Academic and Career Planning Center offers a variety of resources and services to help you find the major that's right for you and get on the path to reaching your goals.

New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation gives all incoming first-year students the opportunity to examine academic abilities, interests, and educational plans before the first semester of classes. New Student Orientation will familiarize you with the wide range of degree programs available at Penn State, acquaint you with the campus and some of its procedures, and help you select courses for your first semester of study.

Major and Career Exploration
Choosing a major and planning for a career can be two of the most important but difficult decisions that you can make, and the ACPC can assist you in the various phases of this process.

Academic Advising for the Division of Undergraduate Studies
If you want to explore the many major options within the Penn State system before choosing one, you can enroll in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and will be mentored by an academic adviser who will help you explore majors, plan your class schedule and examine all the possibilities Penn State offers.

An internship or cooperative education program (co-op) is a professional, career-related experience in an organizational or company setting.