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Information for Faculty


The Academic &  Career Planning Center (ACPC) offers  a variety of  career-related services to students --- from career exploration and planning to internships, job and graduate school preparation.  Recognizing that one of the largest influences on a student is the faculty, the ACPC can provide you help with becoming familiar with career development information, issues, and theories as they relate to your students.  There are a number of resources available to faculty (see below) as well as written publications and individual consultations.  Please contact us if  you would like more information.



Class Visits/Presentations

Internships, Experiential Education, and Co-ops

Letters of Reference

On-Campus Recruiting

Reference Tips


Salaries and Placement Rates

Student Referrals

Suggested Guidelines for Reference Givers

What Can a Faculty Member Say or Write?

FERPA Information

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