Career Planning Schedule

The Career Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide

Preparation for your first step after graduation happens throughout college and begins as a first year student. Career development is a lifelong journey, and you are embarking on a key piece of that journey during your college career! We think of career development as a revolving lifetime cycle consisting of three phases-- Exploration, Preparation, and Action-- and we are here for you in each step. 

•Work on self-exploration
•Clarify values, skills, interests
•Make time for career-exploration
•Learn about occupational opportunities
•Connect possible majors with possible careers

•Aquire knowledge and skills
•Get involved
•Create resume and cover letter
•Learn job/internship search skills
•Build professional network
•Conduct informational interviews
•Practice interviewing

•Search for jobs/internships/grad school

The average person changes jobs several times in their career. Most workers do not pick “what they want to be when they grow up” just one time and then continue in that position or career path forever. In fact, it is typical in career development to cycle through the above stages at different times throughout your career, making adjustments and changes as needed, even if you do stay within the same field.

Consider this scenario: you are in a job seven years from now and it is not quite the best fit for you anymore.What do you do?Go through the Exploration phase and think about what kind of job might be a good fit for you. Then you can Prepare to get that kind of job.Next, you Act to seek and find the job that fulfills the next step in your career journey!

The ACPC is here to help you wherever you are in this process: from major and/or career exploration, to resume writing and skill building, from job and internship search tips, to interview prep.